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ELEMENTARY is coming soon!

There's a new show on the horizon: ELEMENTARY, starring Lucy Liu (as Dr Watson)

My opinion's long-standing* and multi-fandom** on this matter: Holmes does not deserve Watson. Not in any era, incarnation, or reboot. (not even the return of the world's greatest detective)...because Watson can do better.

It will be interesting to see how Lucy Liu's Watson rates next to those who have come before.

(edit: hm, plot bunny: the investigating firm of Watson, Watson, and Watson - Lucy Liu, Jude Law, and Peter Wingfield - brought together to solve crimes)

* = admittedly, I don't always articulate it very well.
** = oh yes, long before Sherlock was a twinkle in Mr. Moffat's eye. Before House.
Tags: elementary, lucy liu, meta, new series, new show, news, sherlock holmes, tv, tv series, watson
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