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Fics of the past few weeks

* Child of the mind - The Mark Eight is advanced enough that it can leave Tony Stark behind.
* To the horizon - Horizons are funny things.
Chapter 1: "There's only one thing to say."
"Please don't let it be no pain, no gain," Banner said.
Chapter 2: Budapest.
Chapter 3: "Answer me something," Clint said.

* Why the Hulk and Black Widow aren't allowed in karaoke restaurants anymore - Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov would tell the team about the latest threat to karaoke and the planet...if the team stops interupting with banter.

Crossover: Leverage & Missing
* Family legend - Some drabbles of what a crossover between Leverage and Missing might be like.

* Roles - Just because you're plotting, doesn't mean you're paranoid.
* "Sie trains...die?" - While he intended to give them a train track, Monroe has to explain Blutbads to the Clarks. In the process, he may have gotten Nick in trouble.
* A minor detail - "So, just to recap, not only are we going into the Daemonfeuer's lair, we don't have any plan, can't use a gun, and you're asking a Blutbad to rescue a redhead?"

Hunger Games
* Two blades in the embers - What if Peeta and Clove were the last ones alive in the 74th Hunger Games? Both perspectives.
(inspired by Liar, Liar)
* What if nobody could watch? - Katniss never knew when the broadcast failed -- none of the Tributes knew.
Primrose, Haymitch, and Seneca's viewing of the 74th Hunger Games was cut off
...This is what happened next.

* The truth goes unbelieved in - Nothing is as easy as everyone thinks the District Two Tributes have it.
* Fox Face who is not legally a Career - Her thoughts as she waits her turn.
* Reason to knife - "Do you know why I use a knife?"
* She called my name - Prim's thoughts during the Reaping scene.

Once upon a time
* Detective work - In the near future, when the spell is broken, Emma meets some of the town's Private Investigators.
* Pulling over the young lady from Bright - Pulling over someone for speeding, Emma thought, marked a welcome change from the bizarreness this town could display. Then she was proved wrong.
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