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When did Holmes start getting physical?

this applies to all incarnations and inspired-bys of Sherlock Holmes.

I was watching a commercial ad for the upcoming Elementary, and
it looked like Holmes was tasting the floor.

Now, from what I remember of the short stories and longer tales in the Holmes canon, Holmes was a high-functioning intellectual who knew everything about everything, was a master of disguise, knew many fighting styles, and had periods where he thought better while smoking. ("a two-pipe problem" for example)

But over the last ten or fifteen years, many of the on-screen Sherlock Holmeses (Holmesi?) have been portrayed as highly physical* and needing to put his hands in more mysteries than Doubting Thomas himself.

* = the most physicality I can recall in the stories, is handling a venomous snake, lots of walking, and (in Scandal in Bohemia) driving a car.

Now on one hand, I understand this - it's easier to portray someone who doesn't live in their head when he's not solving cases. (same reason why The Hunger Games changed POV when it was brought to the big screen)

On the other hand, it can be done...look at the Men In Black movies - Agents K and J might be a good demonstration of how it could be handled.

On the gripping hand, maybe I just haven't read the A.C.Doyle stories where Holmes is getting his hands dirty, tasting floors, and starting various incidents. Can anyone point me to some?
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