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crossover: "Agency talk at a greasy spoon"

Title: Agency talk at a greasy spoon.
Character: Annie Walker.
Genre: Gen.
Author: Keenir.
Fandom: Alphas & Covert Affairs. (mention of Person of Interest)
Word count: 487.
Rating: PG-13
Prompts: Best/Worst meal I've ever had.

Annie wondered how Jai was faring with the members of the Alpha team he had been charged with keeping an eye on. She was about to ask Auggie - who was in Langley on the other end of the line -

"By the way, can you tell Rachel I said hi," Auggie asked Annie.

"Wil-" Annie started to say.

"Rachel," Gary said, "Agent Anderson says hi."

Now Annie understood what that little note in the file meant. "She's just been told, Auggie," Annie said.

"Oh, and if you happen to run into a guy named Mr. Reese, whatever you do, do not try to arrest him."


"More that he's supposedly got Arthur's level of training, and your adrenaline."

"Wow," Annie said.

"And I leave you with that and this, Agent Walker - keep safe out there," Auggie said and ended the call.

Annie put her phone away. "You knew Auggie?" she asked Rachel.

"I did," Rachel said, poking at her soup with a fork.

"What was he like?"


"Then he's not really changed since you knew him."

"He works with you?" Rachel asked, trying not to inhale whatever the smell of the bowl was.

"He does," Annie said, about ready to ask if she was okay, and if she wanted something different to eat. Though to be honest, I never would have guessed Jai meant greasy spoon literally, or nearly so.

"Then he's changed his occupation," Rachel said, not about to sip any of the water, here. Ever. "Speaking of which, why are you watching us?" Rachel asked Annie.

"Because that's what I was told to do."

"Good little soldier," Gary said in his best Bill Voice.

Rachel smiled.

"When the orders are lawful and decent," Annie said.

"Good to hear. But why did the Agency get jurisdiction over us?"

Annie shrugged. "Way wayy over my pay grade."

"So we're enemy aliens?"

"No," Annie said.

"Then why aren't you with the FBI?" Rachel asked.

"Because I'm not." My dad made that impossible, even if I had wanted to join up.

"She's right," Gary said. "There's a very clear division over who can do what."

Annie sighed, and refrained from pinching the bridge of her nose. "How about if we eat now, and discuss this later?" Right about now, she was conflicted as to if she wanted the talk to be interupted or prevented by a chase. It's sort of a regular thing in my life, Annie thought.

"Look, I can call a friend of mine at the FBI if it helps any," Annie offered in the meantime. "But if I had to guess, I would guess it's because you used to work for the Agency."

Rachel nodded, able to accept that. "And I might have been able to return, if Dr. Rosen hadn't -"

"Gone apecheese," Gary said, also in his Bill Voice.

"Pretty much."

"I think you still can," Annie assured her.

The end
Tags: alphas, alphas fanfiction, annie walker, covert affairs, covert affairs fanfiction, crossover, person of interest, rachel pirzad
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