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'Falling Skies' returns tomorrow!

(or tonight, depending on your place on the International Date Line)

I'm happy that Moon Bloodgood is returning for a second season.

I'm less enthused about what I'm hearing in some of the previews:
"We will never stop fighting you!" said to the masters of the Skitters.


"We won't stop fighting until they've left!" said to an audience I assume is human-only.

Dude, these are aliens who have crossed interstellar distances. The pilot episode of season 1 established that they have already wiped out all the governments and militaries of Earth, and most major cities.

That's not in line with the American Revolutionaries vs the British Army analogy that season one was so fond of. (citing it many times when times got tough)

...this is more like the British Army vs the people of the Isle of Man. maybe of Tierra Del Fuego.
the first 35 seconds (or more) of this program with Dr. Michio Kaku (Through the Wormhole) gives a good sense of this.

I'm still excited to see new episodes, though.
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