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January Writing Meme & Request List

(respectfully borrowing & editing from my friend noafterglow)

Here's the deal: every day, from January 5 to January 25, I will post (at least one) drabble-ficlet.

All you need to do is pick which fandom I'll post on each day! Leave a comment with the date you'd like me to post a drabble for you on, and the fandom and characters of choice! If you would also like to include something you'd like to see in the fic, feel free to add that to the list, too.

Also, prompt for as many as you'd like/can think of!
If the entry is empty, it means I don't have any pairings there, but am open to suggestions.

I tend to write het and gen. (I'm willing to negotiate, just not on short notice)

first are the dates claimed, followed by the fandoms I'll write in for this.

January 5 -
January 6 -
January 7 -
January 8 -
January 9 -
January 10 -
January 11 -
January 12 -
January 13 -
January 14 -
January 15 -
January 16 -
January 17 -
January 18 -
January 19 -
January 20 -
January 21 -
January 22 -
January 23 -

if requested, I'll also do anthropology looks within the fandoms.

if requested, I'll do crossovers.

Bourne Movies
Characters: Jason Bourne, Nikki Parsons
Pairings: Jason/Nikki

Battlestar Galactica
Characters: Starbuck, Lee Adama, Adama, Helo, Sharon, other 6s.

Characters: Zeke Stone, Ros, the Devil, Det. Ash

Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor, Ace, Martha Jones, Toshiko Sato, Sarah Jane Smith, Susan.
Pairings: Doctor/Tosh, Doctor/Ace, Doctor/Martha,

Dresden Files
Characters: Bob, Harry, Mai, Connie Murphy, Morgan
Pairings: Harry/Murphy,

Characters: Hellboy, Abe, Liz

Characters: Methos, Amanda, Cassandra, Ceirdwynn, Kronos, Caspian, Silas, Joe Dawson, Tessa.

Characters: Tom Jackman, Claire Jackman, the twins, Hyde, Catherine, Hyde (the earlier), Dr. Jekyll.

Characters: Dan, Kate, Lily, other Vassers.
Pairings: Dan/Kate, Dan/Lily, Lily/fiancee.

Characters: Adrian Monk, Natalie Teeger, Julie Teeger, Capt. Stottlemeyer, Randy.
Pairings: Monk/Natalie,

Private Practice
Characters: Violet, Cooper Freedman,
Pairings: Violet/Cooper.

Predator and Aliens Vs Predator
Characters: Kellly O'Brien, Molly O'Brien, Alexa, Dutch, Anna, any Predator, Mr. Weyland, Miss Yutani.
Pairings: Dutch/Anna,

Characters: Helen Cutter, Nick Cutter, Lester, Claudia, Ryan, Connor, Abby.
Pairings: Ryan/Claudia, Ryan/Abby, Helen/Nick, Abby/Stephen, Claudia/Lester.

Queen of Swords
Characters: Luis Montoya, Tessa Alvarado, Marcus Grisham, Marta, Vera Hidalgo, Gaspar Hidalgo
Pairings: Vera/Gaspar, Vera/Marcus, Tessa/Marcus, Tessa/Montoya.

Rome (tv series)
Characters: Vorenus, Pullo, Niobe, Caesar
Pairings: Vorenus/Niobe

Sgt. Cribb
Characters: Cribb,
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