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Covert Affairs drabble: "Annie's been shot"

Title: Annie's been shot.
Warning: see above.
Summary: Annie's been shot by the last person she thought would shoot her.
Rating: PG13.
Author: Keenir.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters.

"You shot me," Annie mouthed, once she had found a quiet corner in a back corridor to collapse against. Though with how this place is on full alert now, not sure how much longer I'll be alone. The building was like an anthill, security running all over, safeties off.

That now-lodged bullet had come from the last person Annie had ever expected would shoot her. Annie winced at the hurt in her heart, in her chest. Metaphorical and physical were deep pains for her, which let the shock numb the edges of the sting. Training had wisked herself away to this tiny, tidy - if dusty - place. Out of the way. Low chance of discovery. Unless...

Annie felt the guilty shadow fall across her. She looked up to face her likely end. "You going to kill me?" Annie asked.

the end

Tags: annie walker, covert affairs, covert affairs fanfiction, drabble
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