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White Collar: the mystery

Before I see the new season's pilot episode for White Collar, there's something I need to get off my chest:

Neal's action at the end of last season's finale...makes no sense: I mean, this is the Neal Caffrey, who has spent the entire series convincing us that there is nobody he cannot either sidestep or sway, that there is no building he cannot get into or out of.

...And in the last season's finale, when faced with the possibility of both arrest by Agent Kramer and of being free of his tracking anklet...Neal flees.

(i forget - does Kramer have enough reach to be able to ignore the committee who were about to make the decision regarding the anklet?)

Before, it was just Kramer who wanted Neal arrested. Now, it's going to be the FBI and very likely their sister agencies. (pray, Neal, pray that Kramer has no friends in the CIA or State Department)

So where's Neal going to flee to? Hawaii and various other Pacific Islands are either property of the United States of America (and thus under FBI jurisdiction where border-crossing criminals are concerned)...or are property of a nation with whom the US has extradition treaties.

Perhaps Neal's plan is to simply wait for Kramer to retire, before Neal comes back to New York. But that wouldn't work, because, as said, it would no longer be just Kramer out for Neal.
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