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new show: "Sullivan and son" - pilot review

Saw the Pilot and 2nd episode of Sullivan and far, so good.

the Father (Jack Sullivan; portrayed by Dan Lauria) is a good mix of smart and cautious and humor.

"What am I talking about? Half of you should understand this."

"Your mother likes me smooth."
"I did not need to know what my mother likes."

"If I don't move, she might not see me. Sometimes it works."

the Brother (Hank; portrayed by Steve Byrne) worked at a New York bank until the pilot episode.

"Maybe I'm not Korean. Maybe I'm Irish." "Don't talk like that!"

the Mother (Ok Cha; portrayed by Jodi Long) speaks with what my ears swear is an Italian accent...ending half the words with the -aah my ancestors were known for.

the Sister (Susan; portrayed by Vivian Bang) is...what's the word for being both archetype and stereotype all at once? Susan's the sibling who is never good enough, no matter what she does, and lives in the shadow of her brother (even if that brother's in another state). And, she feels distinct, like an individual* (rather than simply a role written for laughs, which is a trap any of the show's characters could fall into, if the writers' aren't careful)

Susan: "If I ask her, she won't do it. If you ask her, she will, I'm not the great Steve."
Steve: "That's not true."
Susan: "Okay, watch. Mom, make a toast; it's the appropriate thing to do."
Ok Cha: "You know I don't like talking in front of people."
Steve: "Actually, mom, I think everyone kinda expects it."
Ok Cha: "You make a good point." (and she does make a statement)

Some of the scenes remind me of Cheers, which may help it. But it also has its own feel, which bodes well as well.

It's good to watch.

* = in that way, she's like The Mentalist's Kimball Cho or Numb3rs' Amita Ramanujan - potentially 1- or 2-dimensional when first introduced, but the hints of there is more to them were allowed to grow and fill out the character.
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