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Covert Affairs

Spoilers for this week's episode of Covert Affairs...(the one on earlier today)

* this episode may get me to get back to making icons. (this and the recent episode of Perception)

* "Was that?"
"Good job."
...and Joan is standing there, stunned. (not quite at the Stunned Mullet stage, though)

* and some flesh on the bones of just what happened in Nairobi.

* ahh, good old adrenaline - always a good stopgap mortar to buy time to repair/form relationships.
(i confess, I did worry for a while that the adrenaline earlier+her anger at his admission, would result in Auggie's fiance leaving him for the other guy (after they're all rescued, of course))

* Me-thinks we have not seen the last of Pound and her allies...and based on the rubdown she gave Auggie, things will get interesting.

* glad Danielle is reuniting with her...separation-or? though California, I admit, I thought "okay, there's probably a field office there Annie can work from (or she can work in Phoenix like Jai was supposed to)
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