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Covert Affairs

Annie Walker's life seems to be becoming that Dresden quote. :)

my favorite two scenes in the episode:

#2: Annie Walker, Vincent Rossabi, hot dog.

#1: "You're not going to wear that"...leading to Auggie admitting he's gotten so used to poking fun at himself and "I'll be nice to have someone to help with the heavy lifting."

my thoughts:

* When Rossabi and Walker were having that conversation around the hot dog, Annie said "I can help" in the singular...but my closed captioning had her say "We can help". World of difference right there. :)

* When Auggie crashed into (what we later learned was a suitcase), did anyone else remember that Val Kilmer movie At first sight? maybe we should make Auggie and Parker watch the movie.

granted, Auggie will probably say "but I don't like ice skating."

* mayyyyybe going to bed wasn't the best idea, Auggie. isn't the couples' dictum to "never go to bed angry"?

* When Auggie said "Everything looks better in the light of day"...sadly, my first thought was to remember Auggie's opening joke to Annie: "A blind guy leading you around the CIA. Insert ironic joke here."

* "For the Smithsonian?" "Something like that. You from England?" "Something like that."

* I hope we haven't seen the last of Parker.

(though to be honest, when Auggie and Annie were planning the get-together, I kept picturing one of those semi-cliche scenes where, during the beer, Parker sees that Auggie is in love with Annie, and she tells him so after they are alone)

* even before Lena took Annie off the case, I had a feeling that he was going to call Annie, and say "Where'd you disappear to?"

* "You burned a bridge today." Noooo, they get along so well, when they aren't being obligated to tell untruths for a case.

(My Colby muse is nodding...and my Parker muses are plotting)

* I do have serious worries about what will happen to Danielle in California. on one hand, she and her husband might patch everything up and it'll all be okay. on the other hand, remember...Sweden, I think it was?

* ICE CREAM! at first, I was expecting there to be some leftover pizza...but imho, the ice cream makes a far better reference to the pilot ep. {points for continuity}
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