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Leverage episode & icons

Leverage: 'the gimme a k street job'
(followed by two icons for Thomas the train engine)

* I admit, when I heard, back in previews, that this episode was going to involve Congress, I thought "didn't we do that in season 1?"

Yeah. But this was a good one.

* This is one of those and then the lightbulb came on moments.

* Just when you think we've heard all of Sophie's accents...Cleveland.

* when Parker got the job of keeping an eye on the cheerleaders, I thought that, by the end of the episode, some of the cheers were going to involve Parker's acrobatics.

(she certainly tried, though)

...hey, it worked for her, right?

* I swear, that woman reminds me strongly of Rena Sofer. (for Covert Affairs fans, she's Arthur's exwife)

* should I ask where/how Sophie got all those aides? (her students?)

* Fort Devaraux? still not gonna let us know her real surname, eh? :)

* I'm not sure what Nate's up to....back in the pilot for this season, I got the feeling that Nate was aiming to freeze all the team's assets and resources, possibly with the team (and him) behind bars.

...but now I'm wondering if his goal is to force the team to break up at the end of the season, with each team member as the nucleus of a new team.

* either way, Eliot did not look enthused. more of wary.

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