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Meme: soulgaze

from Awanderingbard:

Give me a character that I write or have written and I will tell you either what they look like under Harry's Sight or what a soulgaze with them would be like. Specify which one you prefer, or I'll choose. Either way is fine with me.

For the uninitiated, both concepts come from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. Sight or Third Eye shows people's true forms, usually in a metaphorical fashion and a soulgaze shows what that person's soul looks like, with their past, present and possible futures and innermost essences on view, unable to hide anything, usually only in a metaphorical fashion.

It doesn't need to be a supernatural character, but characters with some background and/or a decent amount of screentime are preferred so I can make some guesses as to what their essences are. Any of my OCS are welcome, too.

any character, canon or OC, from a show I know/write.
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