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the Falling Skies season finale...

...what I expected, vs what came to pass.

items in italic and bold were the tv's episode description.
items in plain text, are my thoughts.
items just in italic are canon.

* Tom says that he doesn't want the new United States to be born by military force, a junta. And for two seasons, he and the others have been able to avoid thinking about just how to rebuild their country.

...but now that they have experienced that underground community (a hamlet's worth of people below a city), it will be far harder to avoid. After all, in that settlement, what were the options?...a demagoge who would give A.Burr nightmares, military oversight, or...?

according to the TV Guide:
* Skitters approach the newly-combined resistance force
my thought: you mean the Resistance which is mostly composed of Skitters, right? (even Ben's own brother calls them - the Rebels - "Skitters" to his face)
What the episode did: the Rebels broke past all the security and into the part of underground-Charleston that houses the civilians...and when asked how he knows this group of Skitters could be trusted, Tom basically said "that one has a red eye."

...I mean heck, even the silent, completely-telepathic Overlords have been given a name of their own. why don't the Skitters get a name of their own?

* Tom recieves world-changing news
my thought: this is, in all likelyhood, either telling us that Anne Glass is pregnant, or Tom's wife somehow survived (or Anne's family survived)...either of the latter two survival options would be a major hurdle between Tom and Anne.
What the episode did: Anne's pregnant with Tom's child - so said the girl working for the Overlords.

* I am surprised that the Overlords are the top of the chain of command (or is the existance of their superiors, another of the secrets they keep from the humans and other beings?)

...of course, I'm also surprised that the Rebels are in the dark about what was in store for Earth...after all, this is just routine, right, the sequence of events to the outcome desired by the Overlords. Right?
(like if you're laying train tracks in the countryside...even if you don't know the exact number of rooms in any given train station, you would eventually figure out that, every time you reached an inhabited area, you would build a train station)

* kinda cool the Overlords aren't completely helpless - they've got a built-in switchblade in their wrist. (I suspect Tom would have killed that Overlord even if there wasn't a blade)

* rather odd that Tom was so surprised that a harnessed human could leap or climb like a Skitter (or better than a Skitter)

* need to re-watch to be sure...but it seems like Tom and his friends and the Rebels destroyed an Overlord facility without anyone having any clue what the facility does or was going to do. They tried that policy in the series 'Primeval'...and created the very disaster they were trying to avoid.

* gah...Tom, why are you not listening? if a mosquito starts to bother you, you don't appease it - you squash it flat, and drain the swamp where its babies are. (particularly if there's more than one bothersome mosquito)

and as for the "wait for the last five minutes" makes me wonder:
All this time, we have thought that the Overlords were the show's analogues to the Revolutionary War's British. But what if this new alien is the British analogue, and the Overlords were Gurkha analogues?
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