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So many of my hunches were proven wrong, that this episode might be dubbed "the death of theories."

* "Knowing Jai, a twelve."

* Every now and again during the season, I began to wonder if Simon was another son of Henry Wilcox (a romantic liason with an F.S.B. agent, resulting in a son?)

* speaking of romance, Simon and Annie were doing so well...
(and Annie's face was more expressive than ever)

...and if ever Annie had herself convinced/rationalized that it was just a mission, that was shattered now.

* nobody ever shoots gunmen in the wrist. or the leg. (harder for him to aim the gun - at himself or at them - if he's falling)

* not for the last time, I want to know: WHAT HAPPENED IN NAIROBI??? (ooh, a flashback episode, set mostly or entirely back then, would be awesome)

* the young lady who congratulated Annie outside Joan's office...I remember her in the episode where Annie was turning the Yemeni PM's aide, and in the pilot back in season 1 (she laughed then; now she gets a speaking part)

* so, if not for Annie looking at that childhood photo and calling Auggie, she and Simon would be alive and well.

...and both in the cold, but that's a nitpick.

* If not for that office scene, I suspect most of the audience would believe the shooter was acting alone.

This is an example of where previews for next week's episode denies us the right to console ourselves...I had been hoping that Simon and Annie were wearing bulletproof vests - or something defensive - when they were shot.
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