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Doctor Who: a traveler in a strange land... a town called Mercy.

* I think I hear Ben Browder. cool.

* "Anachronistic technology...has someone been reading my Christmas list?"

* interesting how a line of broken pottery and rocks kept the one guy out of the town until the plot needed him to pass over it.

* ah, but the difference is that the Doctor has been brought to court for his crimes (at the very least, the Valeyard tried)...problem is, every time he's held accountable, the Doctor's enemies corrupt the proceedings (or its his enemies who hold him to account - ie, Pandorica), and the Doctor saves the day - and is therefore set free.

* What passed through my mind during the scene when the kid told the Doctor to take a walk or be shot:
1. do the townsfolk only have one working gun? if they have more than one working gun, why don't we see it? (or someone holding it - someone who probably did fight in the War, or has otherwise used a gun)
2. too young to fight in the US Civil War, where we had kids as young as 10 manning the drums?

* so what's the lesson of this episode? that its okay for war criminals (or criminals) to commit suicide? a mite odd, after the Doctor said he doesn't get to chose his punishment.

(i understand that they might not have had a court for war criminals in their planet or neck of the universe... but then again, neither did Earth until after World War Two)

...or is the lesson that war is neccesary for peace? (as evidenced by the cyborg becoming sheriff)
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