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My theory for Doctor Who

Mostly a spoiler for the end of The Dalek Asylum, and a passing mention in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship...

That gesture to help the Doctor -- by making the Daleks forget who he is -- somehow erased (or began the erasure process) of all records in the universe, pertaining to the Doctor.

which, imho, was a horrible gift - a big part of why the Daleks pause and listen to the Doctor and, at times, back away and because they know what the Doctor is capable of doing.

on the other hand, it reminded me of First Doctor's pilot episode, which had the first "I'm the Doctor" "Doctor who?" "Eh?"

and yes, the icon in relation to this post seems a horrid play on words; it's not really - my back's killing me.
Tags: dalek, daleks, doctor who, eleventh doctor, first doctor, speculation, spoilers
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