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crossover: "Two degrees of colby granger" (1/2)(Numb3rs & Covert Affairs)

Title: Two degrees of Colby Granger.
Part 1...Part 2.
Pairing: Auggie Anderson/Liz Warner.
Characters: Auggie, Liz, Colby, Annie Walker; mention of Callie Walker (in part 2)
N3_Het prompts: Flight attendant, warehouse, keepsake, chase.
Rating: PG13
Summary: Sans the mission details, an interagency fieldwork brings together old friends and makes new ones.



"Granger, you haven't changed," Auggie said before Don could introduce Colby or Liz."

"He still smells of fatigues?" Liz asked.

"I don't know I'd go that far. But while I'm surprised at this reunion, I'm not surprised at one thing."

"What's that?" Liz and Annie asked.

"That Elizabeth Warner's so good in the FBI."

"Elizabeth?" Colby mouthed.

"So you two know each other?" Annie asked.

"We didn't part under an auspicious cloud," Auggie said.

"Understatement," Liz muttered.

"Is this going to be a problem?" Don asked. When Liz arched an eyebrow at him, "Okay, have fun in the tropics, guys."

"We'll try," Colby said.


"If you're done flirting with the stewardess, Auggie?" Liz said.

Auggie leaned back in his seat. 'Pretty sure they prefer to be called Flight Attendants."


As the ranking officers of the military, FBI, and CIA laid out the game plan, Liz thought to herself, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Auggie - one of the guys I always hung out with - knows Colby. Though if he had known when I had first joined Don’s team… the mind boggles.


After the plan was laid out and everyone assigned their roles, Auggie and Liz took a walk on the beach as instructed.

After a while, to liven up a conversation of hollow and empty stock phrases, Auggie said, “Actually, I do have a keepsake of you.”

“Really?” Liz asked.

Auggie nodded, “Mm-hm. It’s a twice-lifesized painting of you.”

“Better not be nude.”

“Oh no, it’s very tasteful.”

“Good to hear. But where do you keep it?”

“National Gallery,” Auggie said.

Liz groaned. “Dare I ask how you got it in there?”

“I know people.”

“Some things never change.”


A day later, encamped in a car, watching for the suspect to show up, "One thing I don't get is where you and Auggie met," Annie said. "You were stationed in Afghanistan, and Auggie in Iraq."

"T.D.I.," Colby said.

"Shore leave," Annie said.

"Sure, if you want to get all Star Treky about it."

He and Annie laughed.

"There was a woman," Annie said.

"What makes you say that?"

"I know Auggie."

A brief smile that didn't reach Colby's eyes. "There was a woman, outside Ramstein. He said she reminded him of a girl back home he hadn't been brave enough to help."

"Agent Warner," Annie said.

One nod. "Agent Warner." Had I known Auggie's Liz was the same Liz I've been working with, I... Yeah, not to sure what I'd have done. Not an easy prospect.

"You know something? I've asked you all these questions, and you've answered them. But you haven't asked me anything; not even about any interest I may have in Auggie. Why is that, Agent Granger?"

"Well, Agent Walker, I suspect any answer would be classified," Colby said.

Annie gave one of her lopsided grins. "Only the missions are."

"While means I can't ask you why you got shipped out to an American Territory."

"Well right now we're on Agency property," Annie said. "But I'm pretty sure this is to teach me to stop burning bridges where the FBI's concerned."

"If it's a habit, don't let me stop you."

They chuckled together, and Annie said, "I don't mean to, and I do need to stop. But cir-"

"Circumstances intervene," Colby said with her. "Your dad wasn't Adrian Walker, was he?"

"He was," Annie said. Only her training kept her from ducking her head or looking at her feet. "You knew him?"

"My dad did. Same unit."

"So you're probably mad."

Colby looked at her funny. "Your dad saved mine dad's life. Was always best of friends."

Danielle'd love to hear that. "And you? Of the clock, off the record, what do you think?"

"I think your dad had to make a decision that nobody in uniform wants to be faced with."

That's kind, but not really an answer.

Colby continued: "And your dad handled it better than I would have."

"Oh?" Annie asked.

Colby nodded.

"And what makes you say that?" Annie asked.

Colby Granger grinned. "Sorry ma'am, I'm afraid that's classified."


During their off-duty time, Auggie traced his fingertips up Liz's thigh, over her hip, her waist - and paused. "When did this happen?"

Liz looked down, arching, flexing a bit, trying to see what he had found - and noticed Auggie was smiling. "That's not funny," she informed him.

"Oh on the contrary. I just had no idea it actually worked."


"Figured it was one of those tips blind guys give each other, more so we don't give up on the dating scene, than for accuracy."

"You're welcome," Liz said.


This asshole’s a chameleon and always has been. Only commonalities to each appearance has been - Caucasian male, Boston Brahmin accent, five foot tall, and membership in a separatist movement. That plus our intell in why we’re here in Guam: if he succeeds, and the CIA and US military is forced to leave - or even just one of the two leave - that’s a feather nothing could dislodge from his cap.

That’s why our team’s joined the chase. Charlie’s helping us via Skype - he’d be here personally, but somebody told him there are flocks of giant spiders on the island.


“So, why Guam?” asked again.

“It was either go here or to Warehouse 13.”


to be continued.
Tags: annie walker, auggie anderson, colby granger, covert affairs, covert affairs fanfiction, crossover, liz warner, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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