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crossover: "2 degrees of Colby Granger"

Title: Two degrees of Colby Granger.
Part 1...Part 2.
Pairing: Auggie Anderson/Liz Warner.
Characters: Auggie, Liz, Colby, Annie Walker; mention of Callie Walker.
N3_Het prompts: Flight attendant, warehouse, keepsake, chase.
Rating: PG13
Summary: Sans the mission details, an interagency fieldwork brings together old friends and makes new ones.

In Liz's book, this was better than sex. And she'd had mind-blowing world-killing sex, and this was still better.

Honesty was best of all in her book. "Now I know the whole story," Liz said.

Auggie nodded, and quoted: "And now you know, the rest of the story."

"So why didn't you say any of this to me before?" Liz asked.

"You were dating my best friend. And after you left, I signed the rest of us up for military service," Auggie said. And if my shrink ever found that out, she'd probably ask me something like 'did you want to be punished, individually or collectively?' Or 'does your controlling streak stem from how things turned out when you didn't step in?'

"And in between?" Liz asked.

Auggie ran a hand up her semi-blanketted shoulders, and held it, fingers and thumb lightly clinging. "I could say I'd tell you tomorrow. Thought about asking if that's okay." A breath. "I'm going to tell you now, tonight. If that's fine."

Liz nodded. "Fine by me."

And that's what Auggie did. More honesty. Though, since I told Parker the truth, I have to tell Liz about her. It all tied together, his unit, her, the whole gang.


"There's a girl back home," Colby confided to Annie the evening after the Chameleon was finally arrested. "I want to tell her how I feel, but..."

"But there's a problem?" Annie asked, taking her putt. Honestly never thought I would be using the golf course here. Grateful nation, I suppose.

Colby nodded. "We dated back in high school and a little in college. But then we went our own separate ways, and when we met again a year ago, she was professional at all times, so I returned the compliment."

"And you want my help on asking her to go on a date with you?" Annie asked.

"Yep." Can't ask Don or Charlie or David, for various reasons; can't ask Nikki because I'd never hear the end of it; can't ask Liz, especially now.

"Okay... What's her name?"

"Callie Walker."

Annie blinked. "I can definately tell you I haven't run into her at any of the family reunions."

"I didn't think you'd be related," Colby said. "'Walker''s about as common a surname as 'Granger'," and you'd be shocked how many times growing up I saw my last name in the closing credits of a movie or British series.

"Okay. What did you want to ask her?" right before Colby teed off.

"What did Granger want to ask who?" Liz asked, her and Auggie having snuck up on them.

"Okay, that sounded like a nasty slice," Auggie said, his statement and Liz's question separated only by the sound of Colby hitting the golf ball.

"It was," Annie and Liz said.

"Surprised to see the two of you out in the land of the living," Colby told Auggie and Liz.

"Shouldn't be," Liz said.

Auggie said, "We reached an understanding, and we're at an agreement: we're just going to take things one step at a time. No, Walker, you can't make a blind joke this time."

"Wasn't about to," Annie said with a smile on her face.

Auggie turned to face Liz. "You see what I have to put up with?"

"You poor thing," Liz said.

"So what'll the two of you do when we go back to our respective sides of the continent?" Colby asked them.

"Like he said," Liz said, "one step at a time. How about you and your friend here, Granger?"

"Just shooting the breeze - our dads served together."

"Ah, the old classic," Auggie jested, "fear of parental approval."

"I'm sticking my tongue out at you," Annie kidded, while behind her back, one hand was signing to Colby that she'd email him some suggestions on how to approach Callie.

Times like this, I start to wonder if its infectious - Granger worked with Auggie, and now Annie's like that; Granger worked with David and Nikki, who are like that... Liz thought with an amused smile.

"Everything'll work out," Annie said to all four of them.

"Like I told you," Auggie said to Liz, but loud enough for Annie to hear, "a hopeless optimist."

"Since when do you not like that?" Liz asked him.

"Oh, so that's how you get him to blush," Annie grinned.

the end
Tags: annie walker, auggie anderson, callie, colby granger, covert affairs, covert affairs fanfiction, crossover, liz warner, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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