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crossover: "Over for a watch" (Sherlock/Elementary)

Fandoms: Elementary, Sherlock (BBC)
Genre: Crossover(ish), humor,
Title: Over for a watch.
Author: Keenir.

Summary: "Why do you have to watch Elementary on my tv?" Sherlock asked them all.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters of Sherlock or of Elementary, and I make no moneys or other things from this fic.
crossposted to: Sherlock BBC, and Elementary fic & discussion.

"What are you doing?"

John Watson ignored the question, and finished putting full bottles of drinks alongside any possible place to sit in front of the television, so Sherlock Holmes asked it again.

"What does it look like?" John asked as Miss Hudson let in Inspector Lestrade and Irene Adler.

"You're going to watch porn again," Sherlock deduced. "Why you leave the tv on those channels -"
"- which were sports networks until a certain supergenius thought it would be hilarious to play with the cable subscriptions."

"You're exaggerating," Sherlock said.

"Really? Then what channel is English rugby on? Without the Castilian commentators."

"I never thought it was hilarious. I thought - Brother?" he asked when the other Holmes walked in alongside Anthea. "Your hand is in this?"

"I confessed a curiosity, and your roommate was good enough to invite us."

"Me," Anthea specified quietly.

"To what end?" Sherlock asked Mycroft.

"You serious?" Lestrade asked while Molly and Moriarty arrived. "You don't know what tonight is?"

"Shocking, isn't it?" John said.

"Disappointing," Moriarty said.

"What are you doing here?" Sherlock asked.

"Sitting down to watch."

"Watch wh- ? Oh hell."

"I believe we will all treasure that look on your face," Irene said.

"I'd get it framed," Lestrade said.

"Why do you all have to watch Elementary on my tv?" Sherlock wanted to know.

Once everyone had stopped laughing, John said, "My tv, actually."

"I picked it out and had it delivered here."

"And I had to pay the delivery - which that store didn't do free, I told you at the time - and for the tv itself. That was four months ago. You've been paid at least twice since then."

"I was busy," Sherlock said.

"Fine. My tv."

Sherlock sat down and spent his time divided between glaring at the beer and the tv screen once the show began.

Ten minutes in, "While you're a better Holmes," Moriarty said to Sherlock, "Lucy Liu is a far superior Watson."

"No argument," John said.

"Still can't believe I'm watching this," Sherlock muttered.

"Look at it as a case study," Anthea advised.

"It's certainly accurate in how well you get along with people," Lestrade said.

"If slightly optimistic in that regard, given this was supposed to be based on your true story," Mycroft said sotto voice.

"Would they have believed the truth?" John asked.


"We should do this every week," Molly suggested.

To Sherlock's horror, everyone agreed.

The End
Tags: crossover, elementary, elementary fanfiction, humor, humour, sherlock, sherlock fanfiction
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