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HL - were it rebooted now...

This was originally written for the HL Chronicles...

If the series Highlander: the Series was given a reboot, who would you place in what roles?

My answer: It would depend on how faithful the reboot is to the original. For instance, is the most important aspect of the character Ceirdwyn (Take back the night) that she was
a) first killed by Roman soldiers.
b) someone MacLeod trusts.
c) a Briton.
d) 1900+ years old. casting would pick a different group of canidates for the role if B and D were the most important, than they would if C and B were at the top of the list; selecting A would offer a wider range than C, granted.

In a reboot, we might have Adam Beach or Maggie Q in the title role as the Highlander.

Now, while I think Peter Wingfield would still be able to land the role of Methos in a reboot, he might opt to be Joe Dawson this time around. Assuming Mr. Wingfield turns down the role, I think Rekha Sharma {V} would be great as Methos. (or as Ceirdwyn - she portrays quite well the humor and quiet lethality both characters have).

As Amanda... I would have to say Stana Katic {Castle}...or Dervla Kirwan (Ballykissangel).

Not sure if Roger Lloyd-Pack {Vicar of Dibley} would portray the Kurgan or Kronos.
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