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Once upon a time: 2.01: 'Broken'

* Hi, Mulan!

* "You are not my prince." "Who are you, Whale?"
you know, that might have been a more effective question before he naysayed any claims of fealty you might have held.

my hunch on who Whale is: Odysseus.

* My hunch on what spared that part of the other world: the Ogres. remember the red sky over their battlefields and conquered lands?

* glad to see Belle and Rumplestiltskin back and bantering...I don't think either of them is going to try rushing their relationship again.

* not glad to see the return of Henry's everything has to be done right now attitude, particularly given the strained nature of magic in the town now.

* things more dangerous than she can imagine? if that wasn't a cliche, I'd think Mulan was snubbing Arora's imagination. :)
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