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OUAT 2.02 review thoughts

2.02: We are Both:

but this ep makes one wonder: how much of season 1 was engineered/masterminded by Rumpleskiltskin?

* Sneezy raises a good point - aside from Lewis Carroll's Tortoise, and aside from world-turtles, are there any turtles in children's stories?

* Someone's looking for Pyramus ?

* "If you had your powers back, this town would be charcoal." And then where would she eat? Where would she live?

* "If you have to use magic to keep your son, then you don't really have him." While that's true, Charming, consider what you have - a storybook. When you were Nolan and now that you're Charming, Henry's stuck by you because he literally liked your character.

* So, in other words, Regina learned obtain her freedom.

* season 1 seemed to have the theme of love...season 2 seems to be freedom.

* "If we leave, our cursed selves become our only selves." Well, that certainly explains why Henry and Emma were able to leave.

* "I know who I am." Something tells me that, to be adept at using magic, you have to have a lot of self-knowledge...otherwise, you run into all the pitfalls made by people who make wishes without thinking them through.

* When Regina was being told by her father about the man her mom knew...I thought it was Zoso, the predecessor of Rumplestiltskin.

...but Rumplestiltskin's comment makes me wonder.
(but if he knew Regina's mom...then why think Bae is alive in *our* world?)

*, does Regina remind Rumplestiltskin of his wife? (the one who left)...or is that suggesting time travel?

* I have a feeling that that agreement of non-interference is going to bite Charming in the the future. He's going to need Rumplestiltskin's help - or need to stop Rumplestiltskin - and the agreement will rear its head.

* was that "an annoyingly specific world" or "an annoying, specific world" that Rumplestiltskin offered Regina a portal to?

I'm starting to wonder if it was Cora who turned little Snow White's horse wild...or if Rumplestiltskin was behind it.

* You know, I wonder if Regina was about to offer a solution - or at least some helpful steps to the solution - if they hadn't done that. (in the past, when people came at her abruptly or in a hurry, it tended to be prelude to an attack on her)

...but if Henry wants to hand himself over, well, she's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

* ...and Regina begins to see she's becoming her mother. (with Henry the Younger)

...and with her first use of magic (despite Rumplestiltskin's assurance she won't need to use magic)

* David Nolan (or Nolan's existance) reminds Charming of who Charming wants to be??

* When Charming declared that "she can't/won't hurt us", I wondered something: when has anyone (other than her father) spoken to Regina without an explicit or implicit threat aimed at her?

* when Charming said he could defeat anything Regina could summon, that's when she should have called for Henry.

* "I want to redeem myself." "Prove it." Gee, like you'd believe any proof she offers, any more than you've believed anything else she's said or done. Riiiight.

* a bolo!

* wait...Rumplestiltskin sent Cora to the future??
(or did she come with/with an army?)
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