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OUAT drabble: "Back to town"

Title: Back to town.
Author: Keenir.
Dedication: to lorelaisquared, who gave me this plot bunny.
Summary: Emma and Mary Margaret have returned to town...which is more of a problem than you would think.
Rating: PG-13.
Written after: 2.02
Spoilers for the final episodes of season 1 and for 2.02. this drabble is set in the vague future.

"You're back," Mr. Gold observed, greeting the returning travelers at the entrance of Storybrooke.

"You don't miss anything," Emma said dryly.

Charming stepped away from the throng and reached out for his wife after so painful a separation.

"Get away from me!" she said, shoving Charming away from her.

"Snow?" Charming asked.

"Miss Blanchard," she corrected. "And I know your wife's alive, so don't give me any of that ****."

Several dwarf jaws dropped.

"She's been like this almost the whole walk back from the tree," Emma said.

"The one we used when we were little?" Pinocchio asked Emma, who nodded. "Not good."

"Why?" Charming asked.

"The tree is on the other side of the line."

"You mean the line that made Sneezy...?" Grumpy asked.

"Same line," Pinocchio confirmed.

"Well, now we know it works both ways," Red said.

Charming said nothing to that; he just looked at Mary Margaret, wondering if there was any way to recover his Snow White.

the end
Tags: drabble, once upon a time, once upon a time fanfiction
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