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OUAT: ep 2.03 review

herein, I will be using the term "FTL" in its non-space definition, as used in the Once Upon A Time fandom, where it means - i think - fairytale land.

* Operation Scorpion? I guess this means Henry doesn't know the story of the scorpion and the (frog/crocodile/?) crossing the river.

* aaaaand Henry's going back to being disobedient and skipping school.
(who will the school call now - Regina or Charming?)

* King George's second action makes no sense - why try to kill Charming before Charming can find out Snow is now childless?
(was the curse to insure that Snow wasn't already carrying Charming's heir?)

* because, Henry, who do you think is going to get custody of the girl?...the family who raised her as their own for 28 years, or the father who abandoned her & has no job.

* yay, Snow doesn't just remember Cora - she also remembers that Cora is eviler than Regina!

* so, is that the same chimera that Midas had in his treasure room, or are there lots of the critters?

* "like fe-fi-fo-fum?" "those are giants." oh, of course, silly me. :)

* the way the camera kept lingering on unnamed people while Snow and Emma were being led to the Leader, reminded me of something I used to wonder during season 1: is everyone in FTL from a story?

(Charming's chat over the maps, reinforced the question)

* "we're not going to run away with our tail between our legs - no offence."

* "Leviathan? That's what they're calling me?" wow, and here I thought it was a stretch to say that Jonah and Sinuhe were the same person. :)

* wonder if they're going to hold an election to determine who the mayor is, or if Charming automatically gets the job. should be interesting.

* Henry...if you had just asked your mother, she would have given you the keys.
(for someone who wants her to stop being evil, Henry sure puts up lots of roadblocks to that goal)

* "I will deal with her."

* yes, fire a gun in ogre territory. :)

* seriously? seriously, we here "the ogres have returned" and see our first ogre in the same episode? are the writers afraid the show will be cancelled halfway through season 2?

* "The same way you did." :)
(though that nixes the idea that Snow would be the Guinevere in an onscreen triangle)

* WHAT?? all that buildup about how tough the ogres are, about how unstoppable their army is...and Snow White kills one with a single arrow barely an inch into its skull?

* technically, it hasn't been 28 years - for her muscles and {Snow White} mind, its less than a year since they last fired an arrow.

* "What kind of corset is this?" I want to see (or read) Emma trying to explain that to Aurora.
(without just saying "its like Mulan's uniform")

* They're at the castle already? Unless Snow White has a summer palace and a winter palace, I'm starting to suspect that the 19th century natural historians were right: its a small world after all....

* "So where's the lake?" "You're looking at it." is it invisible? :)

* (seriously, trophic cascade...remove a keystone species, like that hallucinagenic mermaid, and the whole place falls apart)

* when Charming's mom said "My son", Lancelot paused and held out his own hand to her. interesting.

* kinda curious what would happen if Regina crushed the heart of someone who was still in FTL.

* ooh, two-headed snake! (we've seen him before, haven't we?)

* just think of all the things Henry could have unleashed upon the town.
(don't think a "but i said i was sorry" would work, Henry)

* "I should be learning to ride horses and fight with swords!" Seriously, Henry? Your mother Regina could have gotten you riding lessons. And as for the swords...I assume your town has a college with fencing courses? (or the RenFairs, I think they're called)

* and Charming starts to see how hard it was for Regina to raise him.

* kinda curious how long it took to make that wedding arch when the mother was dying.

* Cora, you want to make Snow really suffer, you leave her on the wall, and you go through the portal.

* I'm betting Cora suddenly crumples to the ground, and behind her is either Mulan or Aurora (who used the jacket as a weapon?) :)

* Emma's going to have a nervous breakdown over there, isn't she?

* "I was tricked." "Don't feel bad, the shape-shifting kinda threw me too."

* and Mulan appoints Snow as the new power in the land? after less than a week back in FTL?

* well Cora looks happy.

* at first I thought it was Regina sitting in the car, watching them duel...but this is worse.

* I was afraid of this...the resuming of feuds from FTL , now carried over into Storybrooke.
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