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OUAT ficlet: "without exclamation" (what if)

Title: Without exclamation.
Category: What-if.
Summary: Had Belle won out in Skin Deep...
Characters: Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Dark One.
Rating: PG-13.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters.
...and remember how the curse works.

"What's happening?" Rumplestiltskin asked.

It's working! Belle thought excitedly but did nto exclaim; instead she murmured, "I love you too," and kissed him again.

The L word made Rumplestiltskin's eyes open, but he let them ease shut as he kissed Belle with equal fervor/ Even the Dark One was so relaxed within him that It was stretching languidly. Why would You stretch? a tiny corner of Rumplestiltskin's mind wondered, then dismissed that - the Dark One was not worried or alarmed, so he shouldn't be either.

Belle let herself go, in regard to the kiss. She whispered his name.

After a time, their kiss came to an end, and they looked at one another beside the half-spun straw.

Belle watched as a human hue returned to Rumplestiltskin. She began to smile at the victory, but stopped when she saw the look on that entirely-human face.

"Belle..." Rumplestiltskin said.

"Yes?" she asked.

"I believe it is appropriate to congratulate you on slaying the beast. Only now I need to train you."

"Train me?" Belle asked, remembering her duennas using those words before teaching Beele what sort of behaviors men find attractive.

"Aye yes," Rumplestiltskin said regretfully as he cradled one of her hands in both of his, and lifted them. So you don't have my learning curve in mastering your powers.

Belle saw her hands now, saw they were the same as Rumplestiltskin's had been.

And in the room where he kept it, the blade's name changed once again.

the end(?)
Tags: belle, ficlet, once upon a time, once upon a time fanfiction, rumplestiltskin, speculation, what if?
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