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relevant quotation lines from the Once upon a time episode introducing King Midas and also Charming's mom:

Knight: "There is no time to grieve. If Midas learns he (James) is dead, he will find another warrior to slay his dragon. And we will never see an ounce of his gold."
George: "Yes. Yes. The kingdom must survive."

George: "But you said -"
Rumplestiltskin: "Nothing about ressurection."
George: "Then my kingdom is lost. I'm alone."
Rumplestiltskin: "Did I not tell you I could have your son slay the dragon? And am I not a man of my word?"
George: "I thought you said he was gone forever."
Rumplestiltskin: "Oh that he is. But his brother..."
George: "His what?"
Rumplestiltskin: "His twin brother. Did I not mention there was another?"

Charming: "Let me guess, she (grain merchant's daughter) has a dowry that would save the farm."
Mother: "We are running out of options."
Charming: "As poor as we are, love is something I can afford. I will find a way to save this farm. But I won't do it by marrying for riches."

Rumplestiltskin: "You do this, well...the king is going to make sure your poor mother never wants for anything ever again. Your farm will be saved. And you, should you survive, you shall come home the conquering hero.

Midas: "The bravest, most noble prince I have ever met. You have earned my utmost respect."

Midas: "My daughter Abigail. Beyond gold, beyond anything, I value her most."

George: "My son, always so humble!" *whispers*, "If you say anything but Yes, you will be responsible for the destruction of everyone and everything in our kingdom. You will marry this girl, or I will kill you. I will kill your mother. I will turn that farm to ash. Do you understand? I'll take your silence for wisdom. Follow it. I know you'll make the right decision."

Mother: "You should see the house, the farm. The king is going to take care of us. He's already started... What is it? What's wrong?"
Charming: "Midas wants to unite the kingdoms. By marrying me to his daughter."

Mother: "They can't force you."
Charming: "Yes, they can. And because of our ruse, Midas can never know who I am, which..."

Charming: "I already accepted Midas' offer. I didn't come here for advice, mother. I came here to say Goodbye. There's too much at stake. I couldn't let the kingdom suffer on my account. I couldn't let them hurt you."
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