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Last Resort: 2 eps

Enjoying this series a great deal.

Eight Bells:
* I have a feeling that Kylie had a bit of deception going there -- let it drop that all her most secret things were in that safe box, so if anything vanished from that safe, she would know who could have revealed it...meanwhile, her still-hidden safe has all the real documentations.

* ahh, traditions vs other ways of life. (and given that the most noticable alternative to the traditional life, is to work for Julian Serrat...)

* "Without us, they all have to surrender, and we all go home." Yes, and what do you think will happen to you when you go home? Likely, Leavenworth or another prison.

* still trying to work out possible histories of the Island...the question is, who arrived with whom?
(the people's accents seem Francophone, the cooking and tattoos remind me of the Maori)

* "If we can't trust them to stay, then what can we trust them to do?" bingo.

* "Orders change all the time."

* um, does NATO know she's looking for Rare Earth Minerals?

* "You will be under a microscope." And is that why you're holding her arms like that in front of a window?

* a new clue about the Island: oyster-divers. (query - is it traditional for the women to dive for oysters there, or do they dive because the traditional divers no longer dive?)

long may it continue being a good show.
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