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OUAT ep _The Crocodile_

thoughts and a few speculations follow:

* Wait, when did Grumpy trade in/lose his axe?

* Aaaand it was all a dream. :D

* makes magic?

(the physics underlying FTL? or just what Rumplestiltskin's been preparing for at the spinner?)

* until she was walking out, I was trying to figure out why Ruby would have worn a pointed witches hat. i think what she's got on is cool.
(Neal Caffrey would approve)

* ah, and more explanation of how he ended up the Dark One.

* Milah.

* so, if Bae had not gone into the tavern...

* I'm curious where she would want to go to. (and if she would have stayed with them, so long as they didn't live some place that his cowardice was known)

* "Honored widows."

* "The pointy end goes in the other guy." Sounds almost like...Firefly? (oooh that'd be a curious crossover, but fun)

* "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets."

...I can't help but wonder how much that influenced Dark One!Rumplestiltskin's actions and policies.

* Belle said that it's a matter of Rumplestiltskin needing to have courage...I think it's more than that: it's also a matter of, if she wants him to tell her everything, how much backstory will she want to hear?

* when the commercial started, and Brad Pitt was talking, I thought he was describing FTL or Storybrooke,,,and I thought "how'd they talk him into joining the cast?"

* "Only the Dark One has life eternal." and even that doesn't extend to his hosts, not entirely.

* it's his job to know values and the identities of things exceedingly rare?

...wonder who employed him.

* Wait til Ruby finds out she was talking to the landlord's girlfriend. :)

* hm, maybe that's why the library was closed - to keep the books in even better condition than the FTL people. it a hunch, but I suspect that public library has no fiction or fairytale books.

* kidnapped by Peter Pan? so, would that mean Belle=Wendy ?

* Ah, the return of the Duke.

(yeah, bad LOTR joke; sorry)

* "It can only work if you have something the person owned." And given how much Rumplestiltskin can do with even a single hair, this reinforces my thought that FTL people don't shed (hair, skin cells, anything)

* Hook's the only one who had no reaction to the name "The Dark One."

...heck, Hook seemed surprised that there was a reputation in the name.

* "STOP!" "Milah!", did Hook know she was still alive, and he was willing to die to keep her a secret? or did she trick Hook as well?

* a butcher into a pig, huh? can't say Rumplestiltskin lacked a sense of irony.

* ahh, so that's where Rumplestiltskin first became aware of the power of "twu luv". :)

* "The magic bean in exchange for our lives." "I want to see it first." Um, why? if there's no bean, then nothing was exchanced, and any promise of protection is moot(ed).

* "What's happening??" Seriously, Belle? There are maybe three people in Storybrooke who could do that.

* "I never want to see either of you again, ever." When she said that, I remembered Valley of the Blind by H.G.Wells.

* that was Smee?

* and does this mean the beans don't all go to the same place? or does it go to a world fitting its holder's wishes? (Bae wished for a land with no magic, Hook wished for a land he could live forever)

* when he took Milah's heart out...I thought he was going to implant it in Hook's stump - and make that the only way the hook would fit.

* seriously, Hook? using a hook like that, wouldn't even kill a normal man.

* "Good luck living long enough."

* and in the box is...

...a key. (Regina's involvement?)

* Rumplestiltskin tells her the truth of why he did what he did for so long (and admits its like a crutch), then backs away.

...though, one question: who told Belle about Bae?

* Raises an interesting point - if Regina had been the one to close the library, why does Gold have the key?

(or did he close the library, then say "oh, and Regina, do take the credit slash blame, please" ?)

* "Would you like to?"
my prediction: "I'd like that."

* "I would like that."
me: YES!!

* huh...did I post that theory yet? about the pick-up method of the curse? it may (or may not) need to be amended now.

* I wonder who's on Hook's crew now - ogres?
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