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OUAT ep "The Doctor"

*whistles the Doctor Who theme music*

* Wait, this is the ogre attack that the tv guide and other text-based previews were hinting at? The ogres can make everyone just fall down and only bleed from one spot?

* oh, so its Cora. okay.

...but then, why is everyone jumbled all over the place? if you're going to rip hearts out, why not do it all in one place?

* "We have to stop her before she hurts anyone else!" While that is a very noble and understandable sentiment, Snow White, it suffers from a very obvious objection: who else IS LEFT?

* You know, I was wondering why Dr. Whale would ask Charming about going back "to your land"...until he asked if that meant the other lands still existed., is that a reference to other countries in FTL, other continents, or did the Curse apply across more than just the one world?

(that'd be an easy way to get Cora back to FTL)

* and the cricket raises his voice! (it sounded a lot more dramatic in my skull)

* "You have to trust me. Stopping magic is a lot harder than starting." And how would you know, Archie? You were magically turned into a talking cricket - one presumes magic is how you were able to still speak the language of mankind.

* "stronger than a normal heart"...tying back to the Huntsman, it seems.

(but why practice on a unicorn? couldn't Rumplestiltskin find a bunny?)

* oh I'm wondering if Storybrooke has any dopplegangrs or similar figures.

* shoveling the droppings, changing the water and food, etc - and doing it twice a day. ah that brings back memories.

(and Charming distinctly didn't mention little details like taking equipment off a horse when it returns to the stable, getting the sweat and dirt off of the horse, checking the horse's shoes before and after every trip out...)

* sounds like Henry wants to shortcut to riding the horse. (first warning of using magic?)

(I'm very curious where Henry's horse came from)

* old is Jefferson?

* "Why would anyone want to do that?"

* "Take as much gold as you deem appropriate." :)

* I suspect this is the first time Regina realized that there were perks to being Queen - like passport control.

* "I'm pretty good at telling when people are lying to us." Usually, sure...but bear in mind Hook has had centuries(?) to get good at dealing with people like you.

(also, I bet someone is going to use a screenshot of that conversation for a Hook/Emma image)

* "You're not going anywhere until you tell us who you are!" Would you trust him more if he told you he is Captain Hook? (maybe if he says "been retired for quite some time")

* now that's a strong German(ic) accent.

* curious now...Jefferson says the hat can only go from one magical world to, what sort of magics exist in Whale's world?

* kinda worried that the preservation spell will interfere (in one way or another) with the effort.

*'s a question - why didn't Regina take the heart from her King husband? (would that be irony?)

* so, the procedure works in our world, with the (modified) form of FTL magic. hm.

* in Cora's that a statue of a Saint?

* "Or I will." Gee, Charming, what're you going to do - hunt the man down like a dog? (as you yourself were hunted)

* "He practices something far more powerful than magic, or so I was told." So...Whale trumps Rumplestiltskin?

* Henry, why didn't you close the stable door? or keep the horse tied up?

* I have a hunch that the only way Henry's going to be rescued, is if Regina uses magic...and if she does, Henry will get upset and say "you promised you weren't going to use magic!"

* yeah, last time someone had their hand reaching for Daniel, it didn't end well for him.

* "He's a monster, Regina, he needs to be put down." gee, Charming, aren't we glad none of your post-coma flashbacks were of your life in danger - I don't think the fans would have appreciated Sheriff Graham or Mayor Mills taking that sort of attitude towards you threatening people like Daniel just did.

* now THAT'S a lot of restraint - Regina could have zapped Charming into the next zip code, or turned him into a newt...instead, she tries to shove him aside and gets in his face, tears on her face.

* aaaand a screenshot for the Regina/Jefferson shippers.

* "In his world, there's much we don't understand, or can't." 'we' being FTL people, or just mankind in general?

* his reaction to the whispered "I love you" gives me an idea just whose heart that was.

* "Then love again." riiight, because it's that easy. (at least, it wasn't that easy in a world where people only have One True Love, right?)

* god its going to be interesting to listen to the actors' commentary for this episode on DVD!

* when Regina goes back to Archie's...*hugs Regina*

* I was wondering when the doctor had time to re-fasten Frederick's Daniel's shirt.

* wait, if he went back to his own world... did he return to FTL later on?

* "When people say I charge an arm and a leg" :D

* and Mr. Gold wins the bet!

* "It's not the climb you have to worry about." :) know, Aurora, this is where they could realllllly use a flying carpet.

* curiouser how many stitches Victor's brother has.
(does kinda support my pet theory)
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