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Last Resort ep "Skeleton Crew"

And we have a new clue about the Island's location: the monsoons cause famines. but El Nino isn't a risk.

as for the rest of the episode...

* to be honest, when I saw the previews for this episode, I thought "wait, already? shouldn't the negotiations between Sainte Marie and Washington be closer to the season finale?"

...but what I want to know is this: how did they manage to arrange for any negotiations? (much less with the very man who authenticated the questionable orders)

* oh come on, why does nobody have tape recorders in their pockets or on their person when they're listening to a confession like that?

* 82 nations in the UN, half the Joint Chiefs...that sort of unity's hard to achieve.

(wonder if Israel is one of the 82, or if they're sitting this one out on the sidelines, a neutral party in this)

* "Robert Duvall?" "Exactly." "Duvall is French." "You take that back." :)

* "The other woman always knows." So she saw through all that stuff? Glad to hear it!

* "going to have an empire again." Presumably ignoring the parts of the Pacific the US lumps under "Territories."

...and ignoring the vast areas which the US granted independence to.

* aaand we see the result of all this secret planning and conniving - the White House spokesman gets shot.

* Yay, Prosser and Grace aren't at loggerheads any more! (I'm sure her dad would be very proud)

* as for the final scene with King and could conceivably be a veritable storm of a mix of various things bubbling up - including or not including:
-relief at being not dead
-deciding not to hide feelings any longer
-assurance that Grace was wrong
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