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OUAT ep "Talahase"

a fairly Emma sentiment.

* "I stole a stolen car?" eh, novelty value, at least. :)

* Hook has no objections to the ladies fighting for the right to climb the beanstalk. :)

* Aurora volunteers to help - and nobody wants her help. (she had a terrific counter-argument, though - everyone else wanted to go up there to be reunited with their loved ones; having lost her own loved one, Aurora figured she was expendable in case anything went wrong.

* anybody else thinking Mulan has met Hook on a previous encounter? she's got this look like she's massively uneasy the whole time Hook's talking.

* particularly when Hook says Jack fought in a war against the Giants (not the ogres) and that travel between the lands was A LOT more common. (during the time of Zoso or earlier? if so, how did the tale survive? (or was the tale heavily edited?))

* Aurora's not sleeping anymore, that synchs well with the backstory I imagine she's the nightmare that's tougher to reconcile.

* "Like where - Neverland?" years later, Emma would climb beanstalks with Captain Hook, and regret that choice of words. :)

* ah, Aurora has nightmares - the no sleeping aspect is easy to reconcile with the backstory I imagine she has,,,the nightmare might take a bit more work.

* aaand another answer to Captain Jack's "why is the rum gone?" :)

* um, Emma, I'm sure Gold would argue that twas Hook who took from Gold.

* "'re quite perceptive." Well, that's a step in the right direction.

* "You want to steal the watches to help me get away with stealing the watches?"

...anyone else getting a bad feeling? like maybe he's a plant or something?

* an enormous terra cotta warrior? was the First Emperor someone with a giant on his staff?

* you'd think they could look at the doors and go "hmm."

* "I'm the worst human there is."

* "I don't mean to upset you (or anything), Emma, but I think we make quite a team."

* a red room with no windows or doors? isn't that the home that a mountainclimber built for his bride?

* "How long do you think magical knockout powder lasts?" "No clue." "That's my rush."

* so, Jack didn't really get away? (but Hook knew about his sword?)

* "Well, that's a plausible excuse for grabbing me." :D

* "How the hell do you know Emma?" "The name's August. Trust me, you're gonna want to hear it." Should we ask just how long you've been following Emma, August? (and at what point does it start/stop being stalking?)

* aaaah, so the message BROKEN was from August, and signifies that it's safe for him to reunite with Emma again.

* "Allegedly." ya know, you could've mentioned that part sooner.

* "Because the victors get to write the history."

* um, Emma, when you're accused of belonging to a murderous race, and your reaction is to say "you're wrong" while pointing a poisoned sword at his eyes, it's not as effective as you might think.

* "Look at me. Have I told you a lie?" ah, and the legend of Emma Swan builds.

* well, you potentially had Hook as an ally - now you've made him your enemy.

* "We go back together." while that's a nice ideal, what will you do if Emma does die in FTL, however long or short a period of time it is before your portal home opens?

* and Henry's got the dream as well? oh please don't be invoking telepathy. (though this might explain why the "previously on..." had him taking a bite of the apple snack)
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