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Last Resort thoughts

flushing out a cold shouldn't be this numbing.

* between the previews and the tv guide description, I thought this episode was going to be like Lost, with a smoke/spirit/entity responsible for knocking everyone out.

...watching the episode, I kept thinking of "back when music didn't suck" and laughing.

* Tani's that a gecko, or a giant salamander? if it is of something that lives on the island of Sainte Marina(sp), that tells us roughly where the island is/can't be.

* "What's with the toothpick?" :D

* at the end, when she didn't want to let her coworker see what was on the laptop screen, I thought "she's the one - the mole or whatnot?"

...though, as the reveal suggests, that's certainly one way to satisfy two ships. :)
Tags: biogeography, episode, episode review, island, islands, last resort, tani
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