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Apology & Clarification regarding my OUAT posts last night

I need to get this off my chest before I read any email replies I may've gotten on the subject.

Yesterday, I asked - more than twice - people why they kept on saying that Snow accepted Red|Ruby for who she is.

This was unneeded on several levels, key being the fact that every one of the people I asked that of, would all be reading the other threads & sub-threads where I asked it of others as well.

For this, I apologize. I should have asked once, twice at the absolute most. It was uncalled-for of me, and I am ashamed I did it. I am sorry.

While the Snow&Charming argument is "you're not a killer because you're my friend" is problematic...there is one person last night who did seem to accept both sides of Red|Ruby...

Yes, she said that Ruby's a good person because David trusts her (which returns to the above)...but she used a similar argument with Ruby, that she did with Rumplestiltskin. (probably for the best that Ruby didn't reply with "okay, I may not be as bad as Mr. Gold, but I'm still dangerous")
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