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caught the newest episode of Arrow...and here are my few thoughts:

* Blackthrorn(sp) and Hu in the same show? this is fantastic! (why couldn't she guest in Dresden Files, or him guest in one of her shows?)

* and the mom...she was in Wolf Lake!

* shame on me for not recognizing Helena's surname...seen so many Hallmark Channel movies and tv commercials, that I completely forgot the name/backstory of The Huntress. grr at me.

...(hoping a blank-faced person shows up from time to time) :)

* here's what I think is happening: Barrowman's character can't convince the Queens to do what he wants, so by pulling the financial rug out from under his son, he's making it so the son and the Arrow's sister rely on one another & get closer again - thus ultimately providing Barrowman's character with a lever of control.

* Seriously? I realize this might be their attempt to give agency (or angst) to Helena, by having her be the one who was leaking info to the FBI about her father's shady doings... but the fact that her fiance was the one in possession of the material, makes her choice very questionable, to say the least. (if she didn't know what her father did to rats and stool pigeons, exactly what info was she passing on?)

...and if she did know what would happen if/when her fiance was caught with the laptop, why did he have the laptop? (the word martyrdom comes to mind - think of the missionaries who are warned to avoid areas full of headhunting tribes...and are killed in a month or less of arriving in that area, and are then feted and cannonized as brave. why yes, I did get annoyed with The End of the Spear)

........then again, maybe its one of those tv "don't think about it very hard, just accept it and we'll tell you a story" things.
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