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Person of Interest drabble: "If this was your endgame..." :)

Fandom: Person of Interest.
Category: future, humor.
Title: "If this was your endgame the whole time..."
Summary: What was that action movie trope about throwing people into perilous situations over and over? Mr. Reese finds out.
Written for Day 3 of the December Fic Meme
At LJ & at AO3.


Mr. Reese had had a long day.

Even after stopping the drug kingpin from killing the sushi chef she was in love with. Even after saving a line-dancing festival from a fertilizer bomb (and not even refined fertilizer; R.I.P. dear suit). Even after trying to figure out why Finch was walking in the park.

Holding the lone piece of mail he had recieved today, Mr. Reese stared deeply into the unblinking camera eye of a parking lot's security system, and said, "If this was your idea..." It can't be. There's no way this was the goal. A target to achieve, one determined along the way?

"This had better not have been your idea," Mr. Reese said finally, before walking off, intent on finding a new suit. After all, it wouldn't do to show up casually at Joss' and Lionel's wedding, not when they went to the trouble of inviting me.

the end.
Tags: drabble, humor, humour, person of interest, person of interest fanfiction
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