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Last Resort: ep 'big chicken day'

episode: Big Chicken Dinner, my thoughts and observations...

even ten minutes in, I've learned a lot of new things about the island...for one, the earlier impression of Serrat running the island - with Tani's father's community along the river as an exception - was seems to be two power bases, with Serrat having his own base, but also courting favor among the other base as well.

* "They're the law on this island." hm.

* I'm a little disappointed - I thought Marcus was going to say something along the lines of "100 canings? Not bad, but I can do better." You know?, make them want to hand the bastard over so he'll really be punished.

* He lied. Christine knows he lied. He doesn't know she knows he lied, but he still lied. Why? (because her safety couldn't be assured? he is still Sam's old friend)

* if he did it - and I'm thinking he did - I have a bad feeling Anders feels he'll get away with it because he's indispensible to the nuclear section of the sub.

* ah yes, the old "you should trust me because I could escape, but i didn't" ploy.

* wondering if there really is an opposition, or if it's the appearance of one, to trick them.

* I'm going to have to watch Rashomon, aren't I? (to be fair, I should have after seeing Leverage's The Rashomon Job.

* "You sure get caught a lot. You ever think about a different line of work?" :)

* what was the expression? the graveyards are full of indispensible men.

...and now Cortez is going to be indispensible.

* I probably shouldn't be suspicious of Paul, but I am.

* "The Agency has a bad history with martyrs. We're downright terrified of them. But we'll make them if we have to."

* while they were waiting, I began to wonder if the Agency would finger Anders (accurately or falsely)

* hasn't heard his name in 20 years. not sure if that's impressive or sad or (?).

* *listens to Grace's opening/closing argument* light of her ensuing statement to Marcus, one could wonder if she threw the case. (whether she did or not, the accusation might be made)

...and in light of Sophie's statement, I'm brought right back to my fear at the start of the episode: that this was somehow a revenge plot by Serrat or by Tani's father.

(that doesn't negate Anders' guilt)

* "You can't keep one foot in the water and one on the land" - wonder what Tani's contemplating.

...and I wonder what she'll do to get herself and her brother off that island. (serve the Colorodo on a silver platter?)
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