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Last Resort: ep "Cinderella Liberty"

my favorite line: "I have friends. A friend." quality is better than quantity, Kylie.

* kinda curious where Cortez is going to put the key so Marcus can find it.

* do they have to be Tridents? would non-nuclear missles be able to stop him from crossing from Kashmir into India?

* Rena's smart.

* aaand Hopper is party to the "discovery" being staged like a reality show.

* wait...was this all an attempt to get India on our side? (historically, hasn't it been USA/Pakistan, USSR/India ?)

* "You saved me from my own cowardice." you're...welcome.

* all the people on board the Colorado...and none of them speak Urdu, Arabic, or any of the other languages spoken in the region?

* that Defco guy really needs to learn how the chain of command works.

* Kylie's got a good sharp tongue, with very good replies.

* okay, raise your hand if you knew the phrase "trust me" would not get a favorable response. *raises hand*

* c'mon, Sam, someone was just shot in front of her - how did you think Christine would react?

* pointing at Lasari? hm, now it's a question of just how badly do you want that invading General gone?

* Marcus is going to think it was Grace who had the keys all along. be fair, any recounting with "they were on your door, sir" will sound a little fishy.

* though, what's to keep that General from re-invading next week, or the week after that?

* agreed, Kylie, play the long game.

(is it wrong I think of Doctor Who when I hear most of those "long game" references?)

* you're leaving the island, Kendal? what corner of the planet do you think hasn't seen your face by now?

...Hopper, at least, has the training to go unnoticed.

* aaand the memories come full circle.
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