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the Doctor Who Christmas Special

A great start to a new season of Doctor Who episodes...

the staircase is bigger on the inside? then wouldn't it make more sense to hop? or to climb the outside of the stairs, if you're in a hurry to reach the TARDIS?

one of the funnier lines was after Strax's asking if he can take someone's coat, our friendly neighborhood Victorian samuri saying she's from the dawn of the world, (etc)...the lord of the manor says "you had a gentleman friend upstairs?"
(understandable - the children were up there too)

A non-physical intelligence with visions of ruling the world or worlds? God comes to mind, without even much need to contemplate.

When in the ep, they started to allude(sp) to Clara having some sort of connection to Oswin Dalek {as opposed to simply being the same actress}, I wondered if Clara would go on at show's end (or afterward) to join the company who crashed on the Dalek Prison Planet.

...and then, that idea was proven false.

...and THAT reminded me of something I used to read discussed in the Who fandom: the possibility that not all Time Lords change their appearance very much with each regeneration. (i forget the names, but wasn't at least one of them an aide to the President Of Gallifrey? started with a "br" I think)

Either that or Oswin is a Highlander-style Immortal. i wanna hear a Dalek shout "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"
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