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meme: tv shows they should have made: "On The Earth"

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

(#4 is optional)

Rodlox asked myself for something with Sigyn in it...

On the Earth

Premise: "You have heard of my husband Loki, everyone has. He was imprisoned, bound down within a cave in the Earth, with a snake perpetually dripping venom onto him. I volunteered to stay with him in confinement, and I kept as much as possible of the venom from touching him.

"A year ago, Odin came and offered me a deal, thinking I would refuse it. He would remove the snake and the suffering of my husband, if I would go out onto the surface of Earth and do good works and good deeds. Should I stop, the deal would thus be ended." -Sigyn. (from the pilot)

Sigyn - Caroline Catz.
Father Ethan Burr - Michael Weatherly.
Karen Wren - Piper Perabo.
Nate Thomas - Paul Blackthorne.
Enya Quinn - Gillian Kearney.


"According to your resume, you're fluent in Arabic, Greek, Russian, all the Celtic and Germanic languages...though I doubt we'll be fielding calls from anyone speaking Saxon."
"Best to be prepared."
-Supervisor, Sigyn.

In the above conversation from the Pilot, Sigyn is applying to work in a help center. And that's what she does through the miniseries - takes small jobs in various fields and locales which are best for doing what she's here to do. That includes search-and-rescue, soup kitchens, and other helpful things which don't require lots of talking (the help center job didn't work out)

Described by her associates as steadfast and kind, she is utterly convinced both of the rightness of what she is doing & of the certainty that she is Sigyn, wife of Loki who is the oath-brother of Odin AllFather who is the Lord of the Aesir Gods.

Only one question exists in her mind: for how long? But she dodges that question, if her answer to Nate is any indication:
"So, in this deal you made with Odin, any idea how long you're supposed to be working?"
"I am not rushing towards death or apocalypse. Ragnarok will come in its own time."

Father Ethan Burr

"Oh without question, you gave me a major crisis of faith, Sigyn. But it made me stronger."

Based upon his behavior during much of the miniseries, Father Burr is content to be a sounding board for other peoples' ideas & a mouthpiece for what Church policy is on varied smaller issues. And yet it was at the insistence of the fans, that he was in the movie.
(some speculate that the reason comes from how, in rare moments, he describes tenderly the life he had before he became a priest - a life with his late wife)

While down the course of the miniseries are treated to hints from Father Burr as to how he reconciled Sigyn's existance with monotheism, he never spells out the entire framework he is using.

Karen Wren

In her own words, barely has Karen been promoted, finalized a divorce, and settled her custody issues, than she meets and befriends Sigyn. Underlying much of Karen's behavior in the miniseries is the fear that this could unravel the house of cards which is holding her together.
(think Dresden Files' Det. Murphy in eps like What about Bob?, only a little closer to the edge of having a breakdown)

On the other hand, she's not about to let her friends go do something without her, either - she doesn't like being left behind...even when said friends are rushing into a burning building to help.

Nate Thomas

"Oh no, I never tell people what they should do. I might drop hints about how they might keep safe, but I don't tell people to stop doing what they love. Not even high-risk jobs like fighting crime - and having avoided that cliche, we still ended up divorced."

Karen's ex-husband. Busy shouldering the responsibilities brought by the outcome of the custody settled, he's not actively trying to have a life - but, as the old saying goes, that's when sometimes it goes out and finds you.

Enya Quinn

"Peace doesn't always work out - that's why Enya seeks my death: she sees me as her Fenris wolf."

Enya has a few friends left, and has reached out in friendship to Karen and Nate - but her friendships are impaired from Enya's dedication to bringing down Sigyn. Enya can be extremely cheerful when circumstances allow, though. (if nothing else, she's a good babysitter - that's the only known & onscreen time when she won't drop everything to pursue Sigyn)

There have been a few times when Sigyn & friends were fighting on the same side as Enya, but that does nothing to lessen the conviction Enya has that Sigyn must be brought down and brought to justice.

Miniseries Pilot.
1. Sharper than a serpent's venom.
2. As cold as diamonds.
3. All the goats, if you are able.
Miniseries Finale.

Movie: The Only Quiet Day.

Season Two?
1. Thy bones (tenative)
2. Tauroscopy (tenative)
3. Commandment
4-9. ?

"When I first met her, do you know what she said to me?"
"Bow down and worship?"
"No. She pointed to Christ on the Cross, and said 'he reminds me of my husband.'"
-Ethan, Karen.

"So, if you're a goddess, do you have any superpowers?"
"I've never needed any."

-Nate, Sigyn.

"You don't have to do this. She's helping people. She's -"
"Doing good?"
"I used to wish that would be the case."
"And now?"
"I'm not so naive."
-Karen, Enya.

"Everyone loves her. They all think she's harmless. But you - you and I, we know better."
-Enya, to Ethan.

"Aw, c'mon, you like her. At the least, you think she's cute."
"I suspect we both think that. But that's not why I'll never be doing what you think I should be."
"Okay, if it weren't for your job, would you have a relationship with her?"
"Can't - that would violate the First Commandment."
"Seriously, you think she says her own name during sex?"
-Nate, Ethan.

"Oh crap."
"Now what?"
"Oh nothing major. Just freaking out about stuff. You know, the world ends when gods walk the earth."
"When gods are walking the earth, you should be more worried about getting pregnant."

-Karen, Sigyn.

"How would you feel about your daughter if she killed her sister? That's how I feel about puppies."
"What is - I don't even..."
-Sigyn, Karen.

"We didn't fight, there was no abuse or fear, we barely even raised our voices at one another."
"And yet."
-Nate, Ethan.

DVD Trivia:
* Not until the miniseries' Pilot was aired, did the producers and writers remember another tv series about a deity tasked to work on Earth: Cupid. Alert eyes will see Jeremy Piven in the miniseries finale, and both Camille Guaty and Paula Marshall in the movie.

* The title of the series one episode All the goats, if you are able, comes from the rhyme "little goat, if you are able, please prepare my little table." Drawn from the Brothers Grimm documentation of Germanic folklore, the episode addresses hunger and feeding the needy.

* The movie The Only Quiet Day began life with the actors deciding to do a humorous episode, one that started as almost a parody of the series...but grew into what onscreen are a few days, during which one character {per day} believes nothing is happening - when all the other main characters are intercepting trouble and dealing with it before it reaches that one character.

* Don't assume Nate and Karen's custody dispute was over a child...all the way until a week into filming the Pilot, it was still up in the air. The scriptwriter remarked, 'Remember in The Relic, that whole "you fought for custody of the dog?" "I like that dog."? Sometimes that happens.'
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