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Hallmark Movie: _The Makeover_

My rating: full marks. 5/5

The Hallmark Channel presented The Makeover stars Julia Stiles as an education expert who, having failed in her bid to get to D.C., grooms someone else for the role - a beer deliveryman. This is a terrific (remake?) of a piece of film and literature which has been performed and (re)envisioned so many times, it is very nearly its own genre.

(it also contained my new icon, spoken by her character)

In this, Julia Stiles has outdone even her performance in the Bourne movies. (to me, she shone and did great in them)

On my first watching of this Hallmark Channel movie, I missed a few scenes; but even with that, it didn't hit me until 90% through, the signifigance of her name...until she was addressed as "Professor Higgins."
mea maxima culpa for not making the connection. (there was a moment or two early in the movie, when I saw the accent work, and thought "my fair lady")

I particularly like the interactions of the various accents and social cues. (hug vs handshake, how close to stand for either)

And one of the things this movie did perfectly, imho, was code switching, when a speaker changing their word choices, inflection, and word order, depending on who they are speaking with.

If you get the chance, see this movie.
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