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Tonight's 'Arrow'

Pretty good.

* Terrific to see another familiar face. (she portrayed Dusty Mehra in Stargate:Atlantis, and she was the best person in the cast of The Gates)

...unfortunately, I can't spell her name without IMDB open in a neighboring window. bad me.

...a lot of me hopes she stays in the cast.

* by the final scenes, did that have anyone else thinking "ah, so this is what leads to Mark Hamil portraying the Joker (think it was Joker) in Birds of Prey" ?

* when she asked why (and if) she trusts him, despite him lying so often to her, I thought "narrative demands". its nice to see that it at least gets mentioned, the conflict between the demands of the series plot and arcs, vs the backhistories and current actions of the characters.

* I spent most of the ep wondering if the Confidential Informant was Diggle or the drug lord. the end took me by surprise.

I like this ep very much - 4.5/5
Tags: arrow, birds of prey, dusty mehra, episode, episode review, the gates
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