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Mini-Series: Are We Alone?

Tonight, the Science Channel is re-airing its mini-series Are We Alone?...followed by a third chapter in the story.

This has thus far been a enjoyable journey through the steps which would be taken if a signal is detected - from the detection itself, to reactions, translations, and more. And it is not left abstract, as the mini-series suggests a point of origin for the aliens...and that, in turn, raises more topics to discuss onscreen. (such as habitable zones and bugs)

Two of the subplots that always catch my is the reporter mom and her little girl, each handling the news in their own way, illustrating well topics such as interstellar travel (between laundry). And the other is the guy who discovered the alien signal, and his girlfriend - he achieved global fame in finding the signal, and now he's (afraid?) to leave his house because he wants to keep track of the signal and any updates about the aliens...which has to be incredably (frustrating?) to his girlfriend, who wants him to have a life outside his computer; hopefully it is not yet at an end.
{disclaimer: I may be misreading all four}
...To my mind, this sort of disparity also comes to mind with fandoms like Numb3rs and Once Upon A Time...and perhaps Doctor Who as well. {the Doctor's had companions who didn't ever leave their world, didn't he?}

Kudos to Roberta Selzu and her fellow actors in bringing this topic to life.

This is a good series to watch. Be it for the effects (a ship the size of Manhattan Island), for the cast, for the experts (Dr.s Jill Tartar, Seth Shostak, Michio Kaku, David Brin, Scalzi, Sagan, and more), its a good program to watch.
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