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My fics of 2012

yep, I know....massively overdue. sorry.

here we go:
(any errors and omitted fics are my mistake)

From Sigyn's Life - AO3. Summary: How she met Loki, and what she may have been doing before the cave.

The three faces of Lucy Bannerjee - AO3. Summary: Different theories as to who Lucy Bannerjee is, based on the information in each episode.
yes, the title was inspired by 'the three faces of eve'
Then you knew - AO3. Summary: When Hauser met Lucy. {Missing scene at the end of "Paxton Petty."
NOTE: tiny reference to the recent 2011 Captain America movie}

Why the Hulk and Black Widow aren't allowed in karaoke restaurants anymore - AO3...Summary: Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov would tell the team about the latest threat to karaoke and the planet...if the team stops interupting with banter.
To the horizon - AO3...Summary: Horizons are funny things. {Bruce, Hawkeye, Black Widow having quiet adventures}
Child of the Mind - AO3...Summary: The Mark Eight is advanced enough that it can leave Tony Stark behind.
\Past and Future Peril -- AO3 & LJ.......Summary: A common enemy isn’t all that brings together the past, present, and future saviors of mankind. Jarvis is offered a deal. And Captain America is worried about the future.
\\\elements: Terminator, Avengers, one character from Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Dresden Files {written for Purim}
Not a dragon, not a monkey - Ancient Mai POV.
Mind of the dog - Heather Bram's POV.
Its not you, its him - Connie Murphy's POV.

crossover: Over for a watch - Sherlock/Elementary - Summary: "Why do you have to watch Elementary on my tv?" Sherlock asked them all.

A minor detail - AO3. Summary: "So, just to recap, not only are we going into the Daemonfeuer's lair, we don't have any plan, can't use a gun, and you're asking a Blutbad to rescue a redhead?"
Roles - AO3. Summary: Just because you're plotting, doesn't mean you're paranoid.
Sie Trains...Die? - AO3. Summary: While he intended to give them a train track, Monroe has to explain Blutbads to the Clarks. In the process, he may have gotten Nick in trouble.
Grimm & Nix - AO3. Summary: Juliette has escaped the hospital. Her sister wants vengence. Renard wants to save Juliette. As does Nick.
And each had a Grimm - AO3. Summary: On the way to the airport, Det.s Hank Griffin and Valentina Espinosa talk about Grimms and scary childhood stories.

The relationship of Amanda and Joe - AO3 & LJ. Summary: There are ways for Watchers to date Immortals, to be romantically involved with them. And this is one of the right ways.

Hunger Games
What if nobody could watch? - AO3. Summary: Katniss never knew when the broadcast failed -- none of the Tributes knew. Primrose, Haymitch, and Seneca's viewing of the 74th Hunger Games was cut off...This is what happened next.
The truth goes unbelieved in - AO3. Summary: Nothing is as easy as everyone thinks the District Two Tributes have it.
Fox Face who is not legally a Career - AO3. Summary: Her thoughts as she waits her turn.
Reason to knife - AO3. Summary: "Do you know why I use a knife?"
{inspired by Liar, Liar by Downbythebay-4} Two blades in the embers - AO3. Summary: What if Peeta and Clove were the last ones alive in the 74th Hunger Games? Both perspectives.
She called my name - AO3. Summary: Prim's POV; her thoughts during the Reaping scene.

Last Resort
Frowimhe shuuvii si-vith ava saachim - LJ. Summary: James isn't eager to help out on the idea she's had. But Grace has one more card she can play. (prompt: James King, "No, ma'am, that does not sound like a good idea. It sounds like a very crappy idea.")
A Writ of Wed across your Hand - AO3. Summary: James King wakes up...married. Tani's of two minds about it.
Different Island Times - AO3. Summary: Glimpses into the mind and life of James King. Each pairing is separate from one another - think of them as different possibilities for his life on the island.
Note: The following are different possibilities for whom King may have become involved with during his time on the island of Sainte Marina. Canon events are used as a timeline.

_______ - information withheld as its part of a ficathon which isn't complete as yet.
\ Two degrees of Colby Granger - Part One & Part Two.
\\\elements: Numb3rs, Covert Affairs.

Once Upon A Time
Back in time is a wish away - AO3...Summary: Belle's fondest wish is granted, and everyones' problems will be over -- if she, Archie, Ruby, and Henry can stop Rumplestiltskin from ever becoming the Dark One. What's the worst that could happen?
Falling through Curses - AO3...'LJ'...Summary: Belle’s new life is a tale all her own. {AU after What happened to Frederick; Big Bang entry}
To Use An Ogre - AO3...'LJ'...Summary: Aurora wants to use an Ogre ritual to bring Phillip back to life.
Before they came together - AO3...Summary: How the journeys of Aurora, Mulan, and Phillip came together.
On the water, now - AO3...Summary: Sister Astrid had been Nova once. But she had a life before even that. As Rumpelstiltskin will tell you...
Detective Work - AO3...Summary: In the near future, when the spell is broken, Emma meets some of the town's Private Investigators.
Pulling over the Young Lady From Bright - AO3...Summary: Pulling over someone for speeding, Emma thought, marked a welcome change from the bizarreness this town could display. Then she was proved wrong.
Once upon a final drabble - AO3...Summary: When all is said and done, and good has triumphed, what will happen to Henry?
Prophecy's two sides - AO3...Summary: In our world, Emma talks prophecy. In their world, the seed of doubt is planted in Snow White's mind. {c'mon, how often are Sauron and Aslan in the same fic?}
First or last? - AO3...Summary: A drabble, wherein Emma asks what happens to recently-written tales which have beings older than pre-existing stories.
How wolf-hearted a man - AO3...Summary: The tale of the Huntsman and his brother. {Romulus & Remus}
How many secrets? - AO3...Summary: Two possible secrets the Queen may have shared with Snow White - secrets that may have turned Snow against her.
To enter Storybrooke, pick one up - AO3...Summary: The outside world is coming to town - but they aren't going to be alone.
The After Broken series...AO3...Summary: Some of the lesser-used characters in codas to the pilot of season 2.
---Midas -
---Nurse Cassandra -
The Exclamation series...AO3...Summary: Had Belle won out in Skin Deep.
---Without Exclamation -
---For Want -
---Promises, promises -
\Gift Idea number two - AO3. Summary: "What's the harm, in an old book?" Danny asked. (spoilers for his valentine's name, and one brief line at the start of the Valentine's Day episode)
\\\elements: Once Upon a Time & Hawaii Five-0.

Person of Interest
If this was your endgame... - AO3 & LJ. Summary: What was that action movie trope about throwing people into perilous situations over and over? Mr. Reese finds out.

Moments in Time. Summary: Little scenes from Rodney and Dusty's shared involvement. (and one that isn't and is)...prompt: "Laughter was never rationed." Rodney McKay/Dusty Mehra.

Peace in a way. Summary: To preserve the conflict, Skynet offers Kate protection...from Skynet.

Warehouse 13
Why H.G.Wells isn't allowed to play Trivial Pursuit any more.

New favorite canon character?
Tani Tumrenjack.

Which character kept showing up in your fics, to your surprise?
Sinuhe the Sailor. Granted, his role's changed - first he was Granny's husband, then he was Prime Minister of the Empire.

Which fic do you think makes people laugh the most?
That'd have to be A minor detail - its Monroe.

What myths recur in the fics or in the background of the fics?
The nix or nixie of the mill pond, in Grimm (Juliette's adopted family) and Once upon a time (various roles)

But a close second, and may overtake the nix this year, are the Eyes - one eye, two eye, three eye, so far only in Once upon a time fics (the big bang fic & Aurora's family)

What questions do you have?
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