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OUAT eps - this is me, catching up...(part 1)

Yes, I am finally catching up on the episodes of season 2 ONCE UPON A TIME...

observation-theory: Henry is always right - that's either prophetic-ness, or reality-manipulation. either way, no small potatoes.


* wait, how does Henry know Cora is Regina's mother??

* suddenly a reference in a fb to one of my fics (with Sister Astrid|Nova being Ariel) makes more sense. I had thought it was a Little Mermaid reference.

* um, if you're both in the Netherworld when you kiss, won't you wake up there & therefore/thereby be stuck there ?

* I can understand that the writers want Snow to be an ubertracker...but with the speed of a cheetah, in how fast she caught up to Mulan?

* I'm rather surprised nobody said "wait, we have to go to the cells in the bottom of the castle we just left?"

* wait, Snow just told you that Regina became evil because of what Snow did (in telling a secret to Cora)...and Emma still says to blame Regina??

* "Before such innovations as the apple..." :) :)
need an icon of this.

* um, Charming, nice plan, except the curse hasn't really ended for Henry, Aurora, or Snow...even with the Kiss.


* "Slave"?
(even in those societies which kept slaves, all the folktales I'm finding, has servants and peasants - even hermits and madmen - but no slaves)

* why didn't Hook take Belle as a hostage?

* if maternal love could awaken Henry, why can't Henry awaken Charming?

* that doesn't prove Regina lied, Henry - she never said how she was going to help Emma.

{if Regina had said "Henry, in order to make sure Snow and Emma get through safely, I need to take all the fairydust from the mines"...would Henry have stopped Ruby and the Dwarves from interfering?}

* at the well, when Rumplestiltskin raised his hand, who here thought he was holding up his own dagger?
*raises hand*

* I suspect this development has put the kibosh on Aurora/Hook fics.
(though I suppose his statement to her and Emma could have been taken as one of those "i have to make it sound good, or Cora will realize my sympathies are actually with you"....but taking the heart, makes me think eh, maybe now)

* wait, I thought the squid ink was for capturing Cora.

* "good always defeats evil" - the only question is, Henry, after how long? (how long was Regina an Evil Queen? and what was Cora's reign in Wonderland like?)

* I have a feeling that Emma's heart-thing is a result of life-long exposure to the physics of our world.

* and off Mulan and Aurora go, having adventures of their own. I hope we see them again. (season 3?)...though I wonder if when they revive Phillip, it's going to be very awkward, at least on his part.

* *sigh* its never enough for you, Henry, is it? it took a season and a half for you to even say "thank you" when she bends over backwards - and when she tries to protect you, you go into hysterics.

* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Regina's alone again. *sniffle*
(way to twist the knife in, Gold, with that "one day maybe they'll invite you")
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