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"In the Name of the Brother"

In the Name of the Brother...

I'm a little surprised a (sub)plot like this didn't come later in the season, if not later in the series. But, its here. Probably the longest-lasting part of the (sub)plot is that HER on the cellphone screen - who is 'her'?

I suspect their nervousness stems from how, in FTL, an accusation is either true - or it is part of a conspiracy/plot. As the townspeople know they really are fairytale characters, they think everyone else must accept that as well.

But as Emma could tell them (and why hasn't she?), there are people who make claims that others regard as outlandish - people who say they have evidence of alien abduction, witches and vampires, of bigfoots, of ghosts; and people who say they've seen the aforementioned. People who say "the Storybrooke folks are fables come to life" would be classed among them.

episode thoughts:

* "Are you insane?" "Yes."

* "I've never seen him before." "That's because he drove into town." Um, what happened to the town being bigger than anyone could think?

* I'm rather curious who the EMTs are - and who were EMTs before the curse broke, and who signed up after it was broken.

* Ah, the True Love Kiss. :)

* Interesting - Rumplestiltskin's in color, even in Frankenstein's world. Yet Victor was in color in Regina's world. Is it a matter of power? Dark Ones and those of similar levels of power, remain unchanged, while everyone else is altered?

* "I hurt his heart. Belle's just where he keeps it."

* "So yeah, just No."

* Greg's getting a phone call - not all my incoming calls are to meet me somewhere.

* But if you didn't give a damn, why tell them anything about what Greg saw?

* "Are you a philanthropist?" "I've been called worse." :)

* "I only know what you taught me." Yeah, I'm probably not the only person who doesn't believe her!

* Ah, for Whale, there are parallels between Greg and the younger Frankenstein.


* Seriously, Henry's in the Crypt/Vault ?

* "You knew? How did you know?" me: because he always knows. :)

* Ruby saved Whale!

(reminds me a little of that scene in Knight Rider where Michael says "Devon, KITT can cover a hundred yards in thirty seconds; so can KARR.")

* what's the look on Whale's face, when Ruby saved him??

* the Brother sees you attacking his Brother.

* I thought the mute/silent/"grrr,argh" Monster was an invention of the movies; the book Monster was verbose and educated. was I wrong?

* "Let me into your heart." Oh dear, not a reasuring statement from her.

* and everyone in the waiting room's like "why are you both smiling? what happened?"

* Victor's like Belle - 'You're not a monster.'

* "Thank you, Monster to Monster."

* "Thank goodness." "Or me." me: aand he's back! :)

* thinking 'you have a castle?'

* ooh. if anyone else had broken that cup, the world would've fallen on them!

* "So know this, and know it to be true." :)

* good speculation, Henry. though The Modern Prometheus surely qualifies as a part of the same category as the original, yes?

* "And honey, you're not going to believe what I saw." Stage magicians can conjur up fire too.
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