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OUAT episode: "The Outsider" review

Well, this sinks my personal theory of:
-Belle kisses Rumplestiltskin & is sent away.
-Belle helps Dreamy and Nova.
-Hook captures Belle.
-Regina rescues Belle.
-...and places Belle in a prison which becomes the Storybrooke Asylum.


* "Now go." no argument, there. :)

* Why does Pongo think Archie's dead?

* Wild guess - Belle's his talisman?

* Bael wore a shawl? uh-huh.

* is Dreamy hitting on Belle?

* Yaoguai?

* no 'I'm flattered you remember' ?

* wonder what's at the bottom of that elevator shaft now.

* "Pirate. Missing one hand." and those were the captions when we were seeing Gold's side of it.

* Belle science!pwned them!

* Chinese script?

* Mulan!

* Yes, Belle, luck - the book told you where to look, habitat-wise; that's a starting point.

* Yet?? Who came during the 28 years?

* Milah's not exactly someone he likes to discuss.

* "The end of the crocodile's hope." hmmm.

* Ah, trust.

* there is no 'just' with Gold.

* "Wait, you're a -" "Yeah, I know."

* "I'd be honored to help you." an excellent repayment.

* superb bookskills.

* Um, is Cora still on Hook's boat?

* shades of the Predator movies. :)

* and she finds Archie aboard, yes?

* Just when I was about to think Belle was the one person Archie hadn't met...

* what was that on Pongo's feet being tracked in?

* "ll under the same roof" yeah, complete with awkward moments.

* "How are you going to kill the Yaoguai?" ambush. or arrows.

* "Coward." Belle's probably thinking "Still?"

* nice with the gaff, Belle.

* "You have no idea." about being rotten?

* When Archie shows up alive, is Emma going to say to Regina "I'm sorry. You were right." ?

* Phillip?

* Phillip's in debt to Belle - does that debt transfer to Mulan? to Aurora?

* Hook gasped like Gold had taken a hand from Hook's chest. again.

* You'd think somebody would've noticed Archie walking through town!

* "I learned a long time ago..." Oh? When?

* Why doesn't Belle stay with Mulan and Philip, at least for a little while?

* Why didn't they cross together?

* Uh-oh.

* Though even if Emma&co apologize, Cora can still say to Regina, "Look how readily, how eagerly they turn on you."
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