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OUAT episode "Manhattan" musings and thoughts...

During that first flashback, I was stunned - we actually got to see Rumplestiltskin and Milah when they were happy. Sadly, I didn't think we'd get that - ever.
(was it just me, or did Milah sound a bit like Belle from time to time in this ep?)

"More years than you can know." And given how old Rumplestiltskin is...

Kinda surprised Rumplestiltskin didn't mention Belle. ("You''re dating?" Baelfire asked)

Nice cell phone image, Greg. Want to prove its not a photo manipulation? :)
(starting to think that "Her" is Cora - who sent Regina in there to find it, after all? and why was Greg recording from his cellphone as he came around the corner anyway? (he's a peeping tom?))

Man, and we thought Zoso had been manipulating Rumplestiltskin... That was just over a few days. This Seer was playing at something far more long-term. (think she's the Blind Witch from either Hansel&Gretel's ep, or from Regina's fire of donations?)

...Either way, Rumplestiltskin keeps ending up getting more and more power, never by his own plan or design. Not back then, anyway.

I want to know who Rumplestiltskin was talking with - the guy who he was talking about "the lucky ones" with.

Curious who Rumplestiltskin's father was. (not sure we'll get to find out - the scriptwriters seem intent on cramming most every tale into the Present Day, leaving the youth of Regina, George, Midas, and Rumplestiltskin a tad empty. but then again, I never dared to hope we'd get to see Milah and Rumplestiltskin happy together)

Oooh, bad time for a double-cross, Cora. What's to stop Hook from informing anyone else what you're up to, and then hopping over the town Boundary before you can zap him?

Cora should be careful - if she and Hook kill Emma, Charming, Snow - and only those three, pretty much everyone will know who stands to benefit.
(and hopefully Regina is aware of that too)

...I just hope that the map was placed there as a red herring - to lead its finders on a merry chase that's less fruitful than a snark hunt.

Aand now Emma knows how Regina feels, to be accused like that, over a single thing. (a single big thing, yes, but neither of Henry's mothers have been lying nonstop)

"He will be your undoing."
"Then I'll kill him."
me: and that might be what undoes you, directly or indirectly. (Baelfire kills Rumplestiltskin to save Henry, and ends up the new Dark One?)
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