rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

OUAT episode "The Queen Is Dead" observations...

Always good to see Rena Sofer onscreen.

Mary Margaret's statement reminds me of something I'm not sure where I heard it: "Whether or not its a happy ending, depends on where you end the story."
(or something like that)

As soon as Rumplestiltskin said that the dagger has never been out of his possession, I thought "Its in his cane!"
(the clock-dagger is a decoy)

If ever Snow was going to turn to the Dark Side (they have cookies!), that period in her childhood was probably the best time.

I don't know how effective Snow's conversation with Regina was, but Cora's statements (both to Regina and to Snow with Regina nearby) definately made an impact.

Aha! Yes! I knew our world couldn't have been the first world Neal went to (he was sent to a world without magic)....but that begs the question of "how did he leave that world?"

I kept thinking Johanna was that Blue Fairy. (and was that CGI, or is there a place you can actually see all those blue stars in the sky?)

And even now, I have a bad feeling that Johanna was working with Cora - doubtless for her own reasons.

Just as I have a feeling that Tamara is "HER".
Tags: episode, episode review, once upon a time, ouat
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