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OUAT episode "Steadfast, Brave and True" musings

* So...August found out that not everyone can see his revealed self. So it shouldn't have been a shock to him that Emma was no different in that regard.

Interesting that you don't have to specifically believe in FTL & its beings (specifically), but just to believe in general...and you can see FTL beings.

* "I haven't lied to her."
"Does she know who you are and where you came from?"
Remind me again, Emma, what was your reaction when Henry and August and Jefferson each tried telling you the truth about the worlds.

(borne out by Tamara's reaction)

* wait, when August first hears that Neal's in town, he thinks its good & that Neal and Emma are reuniting...but when he hears that Neal is in town with someone who isn't Emma, August thinks the pair of them are only there to steal magic??

* "This town's turning into a theme park." Maybe its just your examples, Emma, but I think you're overworrying - for one, Anton doesn't come into town; for two, has Ruby ever turned into a wolf during the day in either world?

...though your point about not delaying the tell-the-whole-truth was good.

* when Snow was talking to August, it left me wondering "who are you trying to convince - him or yourself?"

* so, if August gets wounded with one of Snow's arrows, would he bleed blood or sap?

...oh. neither. so, he's dead wood, only animated.

......but then, why would a taser work on him?

* WOW, now that's a reset!

*, which world is the Dragon from? (is that why Neal mentioned something about dragons when Henry asked him about the best pizza?) smoke?

* is Tamara from our world? (part of me hopes she is, part of me thinks she's the calendar girl)

* kinda surprised August hasn't heard of some genetic ailments, like one where the bones grow and spread such as this for one.

* "That wasn't me." uh huh, riiight.

* great thinking, genius - tell Tamara that the motherlode of magic can indeed be found in Storybrooke.

* riiight, Emma. how many times has Regina asked Henry not to push away, and you expect it to work? (particularly when I suspect we'll have you lying to Henry in an ep or two)

* Charming says redemption is possible, and cites August - then says to forget August when Snow points out the problem with the analogy.

* barely have we met Tamara, than she gets established as A Bad Guy.
(good grief, really?)
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